Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giveaway winners, and an insanely amusing video

First off, the winners of the Sprout Lend A Helping Hand DVD are Preemie Miracle and Kristie. Congratulations, and may your kids learn to help out around your home beyond your wildest dreams. Perhaps you could train them to come to our house and make me breakfast in bed? I like my eggs scrambled.

So, I spaced on giving away the two DVDs I bought of that amazing documentary Shooting Beauty. The winners are Colleen and Bethany. Enjoy! It would be awesome if you shared the film with other parents who'd appreciate it; it's worth spreading around. Courtney Bent, the director, says that if you're interested in purchasing a copy or arranging a screening, e-mail shootingbeauty2009@gmail.com.

Ok, now, about the video that I randomly found online: If you like Cadbury Creme Eggs (I have a mild addiction, nothing that would require a 12-step program), you will be amused by this video. Your kids will be even more amused. Even if you can't stand those eggs, you will surely be amused. More power to the people who have the time to do this sort of thing. Maybe you could come to my house and make me breakfast in bed? Cadbury Scrambled Creme Eggs?

Photo by Katie


  1. That is a great video! They do have too much time on their hands! It does remind me that I have a HUGE Cadbury egg addiction! I try to avoid them because otherwise I would eat at least 1 a day and they cannot be good for me. Usually the Easter Bunny will bring 1 or 2 as a special treat!

  2. thanks for the DVD. I can't wait to get it. I went out looking for it and Nope.. couldn't find it! We are so excited.

  3. Cadbury Creme Eggs are the best part of the upcoming Spring! :)

  4. Love the Cadbury!

    Hi Ellen,
    I've read your blog for a few months, but just officially became a follower. Glad to meet you! :)
    I read on Team Inspire this morning about your "Play and Activities for Special Needs" discussion. Well, are you in good company or what!?
    I taught Early Childhood Special Needs for 12 years before having Roa who was officially diagnosed with quadra spastic cerebral palsy at 1 year. I have my Master's in Education with my thesis on "Learning through Play".
    I am the QUEEN of homemade games and toys. Poor Roa, I must say..or lucky, which ever way you look at it.
    My personal favorites, you ask? Roa has difficulty with hand opening and grasping. He finds success with fine motor tasks given ribbons, strings, Marti Gras beads, etc (We call them Roa's fancies) Well, I make a variety of container play activities with his fancies. Coffee cans, lunch meat containers, baby food jars- name a container and I'll make a toy! Velcro is a great way to attach fancies to a surface that he can pull off.
    Also one of his favorites is "Roa's Carrot Patch"- simply an egg carton with holes in the bottom and inserted fabric carrots.
    You can see the video on Roa's blog- www.rojosjourney.com
    Thanks for the great discussion and inspiring motivation to play in parents of special kiddos.
    See you around the Blogger!


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