Friday, February 26, 2010

"Mommy! If you don't let me watch TV I'll call the police!"

There are days when you think caring for your kid with special needs takes so much out of you. And then there are days like today, when you're cooped up with the kids because it's a slushy, icy mess outside and suddenly it occurs to you that your child with special needs is actually the easier one of your two. A few choice quotes from a certain five-year-old:

"Your teeth are yellow."

"You are a cranky lady!"

"Waaaaaaaah! I hurt my nose on the window!"

"I'm. Wearing. My. Pajamas. All. Day."

"See if I care!"

"Come on, big boy, let's box!"

"I'm only drinking juice! No more milk!"

"Waaaaaaaah! Max stepped on my toe!"

"I am NOT going to listen to you!"

"Time outs are for babies!"

"My belly hurts! I want pizza with PEPPERONI! It'll make it feel better!"

"Waaaaaaaah! I want to watch TV!"

"Maaaaaa-aaaaaax, you like BLACK! Only BLACK! Max doesn't like purple!"

"I said I want PEPPERONI!"

"You're NOT going to leave me home and go on the Disney Cruise! I know!"

"Waaaaaaaah! Max pulled my hair!"

"I don't like you!"

"Hey, you got a penis!"

"Mommy! If you don't let me watch TV, I'll call the police!"


  1. Wow! I only have one child and I still get comments like these ALL day! LOL. She is 7 and very fiesty. Like-- Mom, are you going to make my decisions for me my whole life?, I'm huuuuuungry!, oooooooooowie! I thinkher being an only child craves for attention more? Hmmmmm...

  2. This is hysterical! I needed a laugh. And your daughter sounds a lot like my son. If i tell him ANYTHING (such as "pick up your toys" or "eat your veggies") it's always the same response, "YOU HURT MY FEELINGS!!" xoxo

  3. I have one of those too, he is nearly 8. He is very dramatic. When he gets hungry he won't just day 'I am hungry' he lies down on the floor clutching his tummy and says 'I am going to DIE'! I won't show him this post in case he gets ideas:) Jen.

  4. How's this for direct hits to the self-esteem?

    "You have a BIG behind! Ha ha ha!"

    "You look like Gretel and Connor's grammy!"

    "You're MEAN!!!!"

    And then, there's the farting. The fart noises, the fart talk, the actual farts....

    Come on, SUMMER!

  5. Are you sure you don't live in my house?

    Todays the big prize reveal? I big puffy heart CVS .... crossing my fingers!

    Have a great day!

  6. LOVE this. My daughter sound slike Sabrina. She once told my son that she was going to "throw him in the woods and put peanut butter all over him!"

  7. I'm definitely with you on this one!! Jailen (4 w/CP)is so much easier to handle than my daughter Randi (2). I think special needs moms were specifically designed to raise special needs kids! Randi wears me out way more than Jailen. With him, I'm Johnny on the spot with everything but with Randi I feel like I'm a complete failure. When everyone found out that I was having another baby after Jailen, they thought I had lost my mind. However, had Randi been first, I think I would've had a hysterectomy! lol :) Great post!!

  8. I just fell off the couch, laughing, Ellen! Shew, makes me glad Faith can't talk! LOL! What a stinker!

  9. Ha I have to agree I thought Jonathan was going to be the harder onw WRONG, My 3 month old is much harder and get this Jonathan knows when sissy is just crying because I guess I make a face, he laughs thinks its funny.

  10. Oh, special needs child is A LOT easier to deal with than my neurotypical one When I tell people that, they look so confused!

  11. What all the others have said is special guy is the easiest of all of them in the "mundane area." He just goes with the flow...the other two are fighting over who took the last dinner roll.


  12. nice, youngest who is 4 told both me and my mom...loud enough for the people behind and in front of us..."Your breath Bait Breath....really embarrasing but also funny haha....

  13. I have one just like her. Want her? You can rename her Violet, no problem.


  14. Kids--can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em

  15. I was smiling a lot reading this. I had the same epiphany not too long ago about my older son Carter, who is SO much more a handful than my 'SN' younger boy.

    But...end of the day, they make me laugh. :)

  16. So true. My eight year old told me the other morning that I looked like a gorilla in bed sleeping. Ouch.

    Sophie, on the other hand, accepts my cursing about one thing or another and rides calmly in the car with me, silent or humming -- a good keeper of secrets.

  17. You know, I taught teens and pre-teens for years. Learning disabled, but still fine in the areas of walking and talking. Five of them could easily ruin my entire day if they felt like it. I think all kids are tough!

  18. Nice. Sounds oh, so familiar. I always hesitate to tell my buds with special needs children that their "typical" second child may, in fact, be the challenge. I can do Ben all day, Kiera on the other hand...

  19. Hilarious! Not for you, I mean, er ... but I'm right there with you ... in spirit.

  20. My cp student had a major accomplishment today in gymnastics class. I've been her coach for a year and today she did a donkey kick on the floor bar by herself. It requires arm strength and her to kick her feet in the air with out falling on her face. I was so proud. We brought her parents into the gym to see. Her mom was so elated. She has gained so much strength in a year. I just had to share.

  21. This is so true! Thanks for the laugh!


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