Saturday, February 20, 2010

A big purple "Thank you!" Plus, escape from momhood

After Max started his purple phase, Joyce from Class of 2008 mentioned a book called I Love You the Purplest. It sounded great, and I kept meaning to get it for Max. And then, this, from The Department of Amazing Coincidences: A sweet woman who reads this blog, Alexandra, e-mailed to say that the author of the book, Barbara Joosse, lives in her town, and could she and Barbara send a signed copy for Max? Meanwhile, literally a few days after that, another reader, Mo, mom to adorable Oia, e-mailed me to tell me about the book; she used to read it to her kids when she was a first grade teacher. Clearly, Max was destined to own this.

Look what arrived, gorgeously wrapped.

The kids were so excited to open it.

The inscription read: "For Max the Superhero—what "color" are you? Talk about a hypothetical question!

Dept. of Amazing Coincidences part II: One of the boys in the book is named Max. Max got such a kick out of seeing his name and saying "M-A-X!" The story is lovely, the illustrations beautiful.

Eternal thanks to Alexandra and Barbara, two Good Eggs.

In other weekend news, today I escaped our house of germs for an afternoon with my friends Hedy and Wendy. I sort of sprung this one on Dave, which was a little weasely of me, I'll admit. I just told him I was going out with them, and neglected to mention it was lunch and a Broadway show. We saw Hair, and it was glorious.

At the end of the show, part of the audience got to go on stage and dance around to "Let The Sun Shine In" as the rest of us stood and sang it.

It's been going through my head ever since. Enjoy!


  1. Sounds like fun! Must be nice to live that close to the city.

    I love you the purplest--interesting.

  2. from Alexandra:

    You made our day with this posting, Ellen! The pleasure was all ours, the boys loved picking out the purple paper, and making the ribbon.

    I agree, Max and this book were undeniably destined to be introduced..:)

    Thank you for the appreciation, and for giving us an "internet thrill." The boys loved seeing their wrapped package!!!

  3. What fun... for you and Max. You should also check out the book Purplicious. I bet Max would love it too!!!

  4. Max may enjoy the following "purple books"

    harold and the purple crayon series

    lilly's purple plastic purse

    Mr.Pine's Purple house

    Purple Spot Sickness

    Purple Hippopotamus Pillow and Pink Penguin Sheets

    The little purple pumpkin

    The Perfect Purple Present

    Purple Polka Dot Kitty
    Lunchtime for a Purple snake

    some cute purple children's songs:

    Purple Train
    Rachel Sumner

    The Color Purple * – Laura Freeman

    Harold and the purple crayon Dvd series

  5. So glad you had a fun day!

    Lots of love to you !

  6. Now that is splendid.

    They are both sunny side up eggs.

  7. That is a lovely gift, there are some very kind people in the world and luckily we get to meet them in blogs:) Jen.

  8. That was a nice gift, so generous and sweet

  9. That sounds like a wonderful book, and what a wonderful surprise for M. And I'm insanely jealous of your afternoon out! How glorious.

  10. some more "purple things" for max:

    purple songs:

    purple people eater

    purple by kiddytunes

    to all purple tree trunks by jack pearson


    harold's trip to the sky
    Harold and the purple crayon
    Harold's ABC
    Harold's circus
    A picture for harold's room
    Harold and the purple crayon under the sea
    Harold and the purple crayon:dinosaur days
    The purple kangaroo
    Purple is best
    purple hair? I don't care
    purple pride

  11. It was a good day, wasn't it???? The girls watched about 5 hours of television with their dad while I was out, but what the hell? How often do I go to a Broadway show????

    I came home and started telling my older kids about all the cool things that Max is doing and, for the first time, Skylar (age 8) was really interested and happy for Max. I think it has always been hard for her to accept Max' differences and I think I avoided the topic because I didn't know how to make her understand. I think now that she is getting older, she can understand that everyone has different challenges and that you have to accept people for who they are. That, and she thought it was really cool that Max is into purple (because it is her favorite color too). While I was on the computer right now, they actually tore themselves away from watching a movie with their dad to look at some of the photos on your blog. They loved the ones of Max in Sabrina's pajamas and Sabrina in Max' pajamas!

    Also, I read an old post about companion dogs and think that sounds really cool. Are you going to do it?

    BTW, I had trouble opening some of the videos on the blog. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Thanks for the purple suggestions, Anon! (May I call you that?) And Wen, I will have my tech person get back to you on that. (That would be Dave.)

  13. This is such a wonderful post and what a sweet boy you have :) I am stopping by from Alexandra's place... It's lovely to make your acquaintance; your boy looks like a pretty amazing little man. And purple is my favorite color, too :)

  14. Visiting from Empress.

    This brought tears to my eyes - so many amazing coincidences. :-)


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