Thursday, February 11, 2010

Play-Doh cupcakes and other snow day fun

The view from our bedroom this afternoon. We haven't had snow like this in seven years, the year I was pregnant with Max. There were a couple of blizzards right around my due date and I kept worrying I wouldn't be able to get to the hospital.

In the morning, the kids decided to make Play-doh cupcakes.

Max insisted on putting his in the oven, then he made me turn on the oven light so he could see what was happening in there. And, yes, it's awesome that he was using both of his hands.


After lunch, we ventured outside.

Max loved holding snowballs.

A bunch of teens were hanging out down the street from us, and Max went right up to them like he was one of the gang. A kid let him do a snowboard run.

This tree looked so pretty.

Sabrina's new favorite phrase: "Kiss my butt!" Lovely.


  1. Those cupcakes kind of look yummy!

    And I loved the photo of the tree, and Max snowboarding!

    Have fun with the blizzard!

  2. LOL Sabrina is a riot! I know ya dont think 'kiss my butt' is funny, but the pic is priceless!

  3. What a neat group of teenage boys! So cool they let him take a little ride!

    And um...I would take "Kiss my butt" over Jacob putting the word "f*cking" in front of everything...and yes, I do blame myself. And my husband.

  4. Your kids are so flippin cute I can't stand it!

    Love the teenage neighbors... love that Max went right for them.

  5. Love the cupcakes and the fact that they are blue AND purple!! Jen.

  6. Yay for using both hands. Looks like you folks are taking advantage of the beautiful snow - good for you!

    Aside from the colour the cupcakes look edible. Not sure if that says more about my cupcake abilities than the playdoh though!

  7. The snow sure is beautiful, but you can keep it, Ellen! Hey the kiddos are pretty cute, too! Max is doin' better than me, I've never been snowboarding!

  8. What a wonderful and memorable snow day! It certainly wasn't wasted--it was jam-packed with fun.

    I'm with everyone else here, Max using his hands is great, and Sabrina's new phrase and that adorable pic are hilarious.

  9. Beautiful pics of the snow - I do love a good snowfall! I love seeing Max putting his cupcakes in the oven - with both hands! Go Max! I am also impressed that he did a snowboard run. I would not be so brave! Looks like a great day!

  10. I love the winter wonderland image! Cupcakes look good, too!

  11. Well, you may be excited about the two hands, but I'm excited about knowing that they go in the oven AND knowing that they change while in the oven. That knowledge.

    Kiss my butt? Too much.

  12. What great pictures! Love seeing Max use two hands and on a snowboard! And that Sabrina? Have fun!

  13. “I'm youth, I'm joy, I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg.” J.M. Barrie

    heart your snow pics + heart Superhero Max + heart play-doh cupcakes + heart Superhero Max's beautiful mom + heart Superchic Sabrina's attitude = happy heart day to one of my fave + always inspiring blogs/family!

    Thankful hearts for you,
    Mare H.

  14. Can you believe how independently Max is playing outside??? Even in your wildest hope of hopes, did you ever think he'd reach this point and be able to play with teenage boys outside, on a snowboard?

    Life gives us such sweetness sometimes.


  15. lmao at sabrina...those are the things that others besides mommy can laugh at.

    Looks like a fun day and I love when the older kids help make the little ones feel welcome to join!

  16. Bwahahahah! Kiss my butt! Hahaha! Gotta love a girl with some sass to her.

  17. OK, you guys, I am glad you are all laughing your a's off about Sabrina saying "Kiss my butt!" I'm going to invite you over to my home so that when you tell her, "Can you please clean up your toys now?" and she responds, giggling, "Kiss my butt!" YOU can deal with her!!!!

    Katy: Yes, I love that Max gets what the oven does. And Alexandra, it is awesome that he can play outside mostly on his own, although we're typically hovering nearby (the snowbanks were HUGE and I was worried he'd fall and not be able to get up, like in that awful commercial).

    And Sarah H: YIKES. However, at least he has not yet used that word in front of the teacher, right? My friend's little girl used the f-word at school when as a good example of a word that beings with the letter "f" and when the teacher asked where she heard that my friend's little girl replied, "My mommy says it all the time." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Great post....looks like it was an amazing day!!! Your daughter is HYSTERICAL!

  19. The cupcakes look de-lish!! Save one for me. Your kids are even more de-lish than the cupcakes and I love how Max was hanging out with the "big boys". I always joke with Sabrina that I want to kiss her rear end (and, of course, she never lets me), so if she ever says "kiss my butt" in front of me, I will literally do just that!!

  20. Great photos, Ellen.

    I just blogged about your Blissdom experience in my publishing blog, Medusa's Muse, and linked back to you. Let me know if anyone says hello.


  21. Those cupcakes look awesome!!
    Well done!!

    That's a whole lotta snow? Wow.. I thought we had lots up here in the great white north!!

    The kiss my butt thing cracked me right up! Trinity's fav thing to do lately as well.... ;)

  22. Hi Ellen,
    Was lovely to read your comment on my blog. Apologies from me for not visiting as often as I should too. I am child rich, but time poor these days ;-).
    You live in the most beautiful place. Looking out over that snowy view would make my day - although I am not sure I would actually ever get out of bed :-).
    Love the play-doh cupcakes!!
    Max is really doing fantastically. Seems he's really taken some giant steps towards independent creative play. Wonderful to read about!


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