Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sablog: A "blog" by Sabrina, age four. First manicure!

So, do you like your nails?

Sabrina: "Yeah."


Sabrina: "Because they're pretty."

What color are they?

Sabrina: "Purple with light pink. Bofe of them." [She cannot say her th's so "both" is "bofe."]

And who likes purple?

Sabrina: "Max does."

And is that why you got purple?

Sabrina: "No."

Why did you want me to polish your nails?

Sabrina: "Cause I wanted them to look beautiful. Abbie polishes her nails. She does. Don't you know that?"

I didn't know. Should we polish Max's nails, maybe?

Sabrina: "No. Because boys are a boy because, uh, they're taller than girls."

What polish do you want to do next?

Sabrina: "Another pink that's darker. Yipppoooooo!"

After this blog was recorded, I was forced by Sabrina at watergun-point to drive her to Target and purchase glittery polish. Then she made me open the bottle and cover the purple polish with the glittery one right then and there. Uh-oh, I am in for it.

BTW, there's still plenty of time to enter to win the Pottery Barn Kids gift card.


  1. Oh Lordy, we with girls are all in trouble, aren't we? I struggle with letting my girls feel girly and not wanting them tarted up before their time. We speak at my house of whether to give a sucker to the child of sufficient age and maturity, but what of purple (or harlot red) nails??

  2. Must be wonderful to have a cute, clever and feisty little girl! What adorable little hands darling Sabrina has!

  3. How! Adorable!

    I agree with GingerB that we should avoid "tarting up" our little girls, but really, lavender nail polish won't lead the lovely Sabrina down the road to tartdom. I let my girls wear polish on their nails and toes, always careful to have them choose from fun, bright, cheery colors with decorations so that their fingers and toes look like little girl fingers and toes.

    Now if you wanna talk about some of the low-cut pants, the high heels, the colored lip gloss, and the fake nails for toddlers... *shaking my head*

  4. Oh, she still has the hands of a baby!! What a cutie-pie.

  5. I love Sabrina's nails,what a great color choice :)

    I am a big fan of the color purple also.

  6. What beautiful, chubby little hands!
    She is adorable ~~

  7. So Adorable! Purple is my favorite - but I am only brave enough to do that on my toes!

    BTW - there is a great freebie offer on our blog for 50 free photo cards - you might want to check it out!

    Have a great day.

  8. I have seen those hands in person and they are very cute!! I saw Sabrina over the weekend and the first thing she did when she saw me was to show me her polished nails. At that point, her nails were sparkly with a touch of blue (or was it purple??). Besides her hands, the rest of her is pretty adorable too. I may have to put my foot down if she suggests putting nail polish on 7 week old baby Margo's nails!!!!

  9. Boys are boys cause they're taller...precious.

  10. oh no, is Dottie going to expect me to do girly things with her some day?? I shouldn't have been allowed to have a girl... I don't do girly stuff. I'm sending her your way when she wants glittery nails ok??

  11. Just wait till she starts asking for what mine do now. . . designs!

    Yup, I'm in deeeeeep doo-doo because I got a book of designs you can paint on nails. Now, the whole crew want an appointment at Mom's Beauty Salon and Day Spa every.single.weekend! And when all is done, I've painted 100 nails (counting both fingers and toes!)!! Do you know how difficult it is to make a believable American flag on a six year old finger? 8*O

    My eyes are more than buggy by the time I get to finger number 23. *rubbing bleary eyes*


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