Monday, November 16, 2009

Sometimes Max is bratty...and I like it

Congrats to the winner of the Pottery Barn Kids gift card: Kimberly, from Driving With No Hands. I hope you get your cute kids lots of cute stuff! I'm going to do a bunch of giveaways throughout December—treats for the kids and for you—so stay tuned.

This weekend was especially fun because Dave and I had a playdate. We snagged tickets to see a dress rehearsal of Saturday Night Live which takes place from 8 to 10 and is even better than seeing the live show (IMO). January Jones hosted; I don't watch Mad Men, so that wasn't a thrill. But Fergie and The Black Eyed Peas were the musical guests, and they rocked the house. Seth Meyers is very cute in person, I have to say. I think Dave has a crush on Kristen Wiig.

The kids had a good time, too, this weekend. Dave promised Sabrina a rip-off cupcake maker called Girl Gourmet—how annoying is that name?! What about Guy Gourmet? Let's teach men to cook from a young age! Yeah! Anyway, Dave got it for Sabrina last week, and the kids have been making cupcakes up the wazoo ever since. They'd make them in the bath, if I let them.

Sabrina making the cupcakes.


We made a special frosting mix with purple sugar for Max (note the purple shirt, and the purple cookie-dough scooper he's holding up above, he is still in the throes of his purple period). Sabrina did not like that Max got special frosting, not one bit. Nuh-uh. Worse, he kept holding up the purple sugar and showing it to Sabrina.


I secretly like it when Max teases Sabrina. She does it to him plenty, and it's heartening to me that he's got the smarts to torture her right back and show her that she can't push him around. Is that wrong of me? I don't care. Max may have special needs but he's made of strong stuff. Some of which is probably purple.

Dave even put some purple sugar in water, and Max had purple water.

It was a very good weekend.


  1. Hi Ellen
    I know what you mean about secretly enjoying the tables being turned - Princess hardly ever gets her own back at her noisy, obnoxious (and yet lovable?) brothers, so when she does I say Go Princess! (quietly to myself of course)
    : )

  2. Looks like a fun filled weekend!

  3. That's great, Ellen! Max would like Faith's purple wheelchair and her new purple casts!

  4. I really love it when Luke (7) torments his sisters (8, 10) because that is NORMAL sibling develpment :-) He has been doing it more and more lately -- I think he really likes the way they respond.

  5. Ok, Ellen, if you are still on hiatus from the ranks of the working stiffs, you really need to go to the video store and rent all of the seasons of MAD MEN that they have, and watch them--I challenge you to watch just one, once you get started--I think they just finished the third (you may have to wait for that to come out on DVD). You will be HOOKED in no time! Talk about TIME TRAVEL--it's incredible how the social mores have changed in just under fifty years! It's not just the crappy treatment of women and the smoking in the office, it's the fashions, the attitudes....just the child rearing scenes alone will crack you up (kid playing with drycleaning bag, for example) and wonder how anyone ever survived. January Jones gives a RIPPING performance that gets better with each season. The biggest shock of all is Robert Morse (old musical comedy star from the dark ages) who plays the oldest guy in the series. The show has EVERYTHING, and it's wonderful, at home, ADULT programming (and it comes on after bedtime, so there aren't interruptions constantly--another plus). I am at my folks' house every Sunday night when it is on--or if I have to work, they're taping it for me! It is SO good! SO GOOD! You have to watch from the beginning, though, to appreciate it--hence, go rent the DVDs (or maybe see if your library has them).

    As for the Girl Gourmet toy, they may have been too clever by half when the geniuses who made that thing came up with the name. After all, a gourmet is really an expert on fine food and drink, a person who loves quality food...and a girl gourmet could easily enjoy food prepared by a male chef (even one who specializes in, oh, say...purple food!). One can be a connoisseur without being a laborer! I live for that day, myself!

  6. Found your site through the mommy blog awards... looks like yall had fun making cupcakes !!

  7. I love the purple frosting idea! It sure looks like Max did, too. Way to go, Max!

    And, Sabrina didn't look like she was faring too badly, after all the cupcake maker is hers and she was able to make and taste some chocolate cupcakes - yummy!

  8. BWAHAHAHA, Emily used to fall down like that, I would look at her, and walk off. She would pick herself up follow me, and fall down screaming again. Now she does that in a teenage manner with her looks and sassy pants.

  9. Ha ha! I love this. I think we've all been there, when one of our "weaker" children figures out how to stick to the other.

    Oh, and Mad Men? Seriously, you should watch. I love that show. Except it's rather derogatory towards the "fairer sex."

  10. Sounds like a good weekend. Seems that all of you are enjoying the purple period (except for Sabrina I guess). Teasing your sister is a pretty typical big brother thing to do (having a big brother, I can speak from experience) so I can understand why you would be happy that Max does it once in a while. He's got spunk!

  11. This weekend Charlie was picking his nose and I was more excited about the fact that he was isolating his pointer finger than I was disgusted. I think being a SN mom makes you see things a little differently.

  12. Ah, I feel bad for Sabrina but so proud for Max. :)
    And y'all are totally rockin' the purple. I love that you are just going all out with it.


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