Monday, November 9, 2009

Pottery Barn Kids giveaway—my thanks to you!

First off, the winner of the Buzzy (the device that helps make shots less painful for kids) is Cristin, from Tiptoeing Through The Tulips. I hope Graham uses it, er, in good health!

When I won The Bump's award for Best Special Needs blog, I said I'd give away the $100 Pottery Barn Kids gift card. Ta-dah! It came in the mail on Saturday, with a nice note from the woman in charge of the awards.

To enter, just leave a message below for Max. Because he's the star of this blog (don't tell his little sis!) and someday, I hope he can read all of your words for himself. Note, if you do not have a blog you must leave your e-mail in your comment or I won't know how to find you; I do not possess heat-seeking missiles. I'll pick a winner by next Sunday and announce it on Monday the 16th.

Oh, and word to my best friend Hedy: happy, happy birthday.


  1. Oh, Ellen! You are such a good person, and a good mom! I wish you would keep some of these things for yourself! You deserve it, and Pottery Barn Kids has such cute stuff!
    Sometimes I worry that you don't do enough for yourself... Okay -- I will stop being a Jewish mother (but just for a few seconds!) :-)
    You really are GREAT! (and I'm not leaving my name or email, because I don't need it, but I wanted to acknowledge how special YOU are!!)

  2. OKay -- one more comment, from Anonymous me. The word I had to type for verification was something like Burpula. It made me laugh because when my brother was little, we used to call him Count Burpula because he liked to burp, especially at the most embarrassing moments in public. He is now all grown up, and a successful lawyer, and I don't think he burps much in public anymore, but, it made me laugh thinking of him burping in court. I hope this was not totally inappropriate to share, but I'm still giggling...

  3. Hey Max! What's up? I think it's pretty cool that your mommy won an award just for writing about how special you are.

    Purple is one of my FAVORITE colors too! In fact, if you ever have the chance to go with Josh and Lucy to their grandparent's house, you could see the purple carpet I had in my room growing up!!

    I also love ice cream. It seems like you and I should hang out more because we have lots of things in common.

    And I think mommy should give the pottery barn card to her best friend Hedy on her birthday because she is SOOOO old and deserves a special prize. And if Mommy could tell her it's a gift from Sheryl that would save me lots of trouble!!!

    Have a great day Max!

    love, Sheryl

  4. Max,
    You are one amazing kid. I hope some day you realize just how much you inspire people around you. You are such an amazing child, and will grow to be a truly inspirational and marvelous young man. You have the most loving and caring mom, who sees the greatness in everything you do. You are one truly blessed child.

    craftycoupondiva at gmail dot com

  5. Max you rock!!! I wish that we loved nearer to you and your mom because I know that Evan and you could be great friends. All of your quirks would not scare off an already very quirky kid.

  6. I couldn't use the gift card from this far away, I am sure, so just wanted to say congrats again for winning ;-)

  7. Dear Max
    I have only recently found your mom's blog and it is wonderful.
    I have tremendously enjoyed reading about you and your family. I love how your mom is so open and honest with her thoughts and feelings. It helps other moms like me know that it is ok to feel things other than what is expected of us...only positive, happy, unselfish thoughts. If any mom is truly honest- she knows that no one can be happy and upbeat 24/7 no matter the circumstance. What I've learned from you is that loving one color is awesome and sometimes we don't need to know or do EVERYTHING in order to get enjoyment out of life. Max, I hope one day you'll be reading this on your own, but until then, maybe your mom can give you a hug from me!

  8. Hi Max,

    You are such a sweet little boy and your mom gives me such hope and inspiration for my little girl who also has special needs. You are so lucky to have such an awsome family!!


  9. Max, you're a rock star! Don't ever let anyone tell you there are things that you can't do. You can reach the stars with a step ladder and perseverance. Go, enjoy life, live it to the fullest, and prove to the world that you're really all that.

  10. [Please don't enter me in the contest as I just won a beautiful necklace, but I wanted to leave a message for Max anyway!!]

    Hi, Max! There are lots people all over the country who think you're great!! Also, you're an awesome singer!

  11. Max -
    You've brought more joy to this world than you may ever know.

    You are love, and you are loved.


  12. Dear Max,
    I wanted to name my little brother after you but he turned out to be a girl so now I can't.
    I also love all of the Disney characters, I like playing with cars, and I hope one day to play baseball and dance like you.
    My mommy shows me videos of you and you make me laugh.
    I hope your mom will consider my friend Brandon who is having surgery soon and has been having a hard time. His website is
    High Fives,

  13. Hi Max! I just found your mommy's blog about you and your family and I just wanted to say that I LOVE reading about you! This blog has really opened my eyes to subjects that I had previously been completely ignorant to. Max helps me put things into perspective. Your writing makes me understand my own feelings about my son's special needs and accept them as not WRONG or EVIL but as NORMAL and focus on the GOOD things that I feel for them, because there's more of those ANYWAYS! :)

  14. Ellen, I so appreciate your generosity. As the anonymous poster said, I hope you also do as much for yourself as you do for others.
    Max, you are definitely a shining star. I tell many happy "Max stories" to my husband, MIL, and friends at therapy after visiting your mom's blog, and they always brighten everyone's day. I saw some purple nail polish in the mall last week and said to my husband, "Oh, Max would love that!" Neither of us could help but smile. You are quite the celebrity, my friend!


    Johanna & Daniel

  15. Dear Max... We've never met, and chances are we never will, but I hope someday you can read this and know how profoundly you have changed my life for the better.

    My son, AJ, is a lot like you, only a little younger. Still, watching you laugh and play and light up the world with your smile reminds me that AJ has that same effect on the people HE meets.

    Thank you, sweet Max... you inspire me every day to be a better mommy for both of my kids... :)

    -Ali (page name- Ambroso)

  16. I've never bought anything from PB. So if I win, this will be a new experience. I am sure I'll buy something for my son. Most purchases seemed to be geared toward him.

    Thanks for the giveaway and your lovely, inspiring blog. As a special needs mom I'm always looking for inspiration (or at least someone who understands).

    To Max!

  17. To Max:

    Keep on smiling! You bring lots of light to everyone around you!

  18. Hey Max!

    You are an amazing kid! You have a smile that lights up my day (even if you have lost a few teeth recently - I bet that just makes the smile even sweeter!). I love to read about all of your adventures and acccomplishments. Your love of purple, chocolate ice cream (who doesn't love ice cream?), trains, trucks and cars! Your can do attitude is an inspiration! I am so glad that you mom shares you with all of us on the web (and your little sister too, but don't tell her - we don't want her to get a big head. haha)!

  19. Max,
    I'm writing you a few things that I hope my son will also be able to read someday.
    You've brought more people joy than they thought they needed. That is a gift!
    Your mom loves you like crazy.
    Don't ever stop fighting the good battles.
    You are an inspiration!

  20. Dear Max:
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading about you here on To The Max. You are an inspiration to everyone at my house, so keep up the good work!


  21. Hey Max, I have never met you except for on the computer, thanks to your mom! You are so lucky to have a Mom that blogs about you, so that we can all learn to love you. You truly are an amazing guy. :)

  22. Max ~ I just wanted to let you know what a little inspiration you are. Your blog is the very first blog I began reading when searching for answers about Jude. I feel like I know you and your mommy now, and I only hope the very best for your continued success in the future.

  23. Dearest Max,

    We just wanted you to know what an amazing kid you are. We feel truly blessed to have found your blog, created by your loving mommy. You are truly one of kind, a wonderful kid from your wavy, dark hair and your curious eyes to your beautiful smile. We read your story daily, and we we find such a beautiful tale of a mother's love and boy's strong will and determination. We love the way you handle life; we love the fun you all have. You make it look so easy and fun. Thank you. We are addicted to your story, and you motivate Emma and I to try harder each day to be more like you. We know about challenges, as we have them too, but because we follow you we feel empowered and less alone as we walk this path. Blessings to you all. May you achieve everything your strong heart desires.

  24. Hi Max!

    I think you and your Mom are pretty great. I like that your Mom always tells the truth- even if it's not sunshine and meadows and rainbows.

  25. Hi Max! We don't know each other but I recently came across your mommas blog and I have come to look forward to reading about you every day. I too have a child with special needs and your mommy's writings have helped me come to terms with my own 9 month old's disabilities- also from a stroke. You are such a lucky little man to have a mom that is in your corner. Your little life has been so inspiring and encouraging to me. And thank you Max's momma for making me laugh!
    Kim Anderson

  26. Max, I've enjoyed learning more about you from reading your Mom's blog. I'm glad to have found this spot:) Lauren in Washington

  27. Thank you, Max, for being you. You are the best you ever. God bless.

  28. Max -

    You are an inspiration to other kiddos & I love reading all of the things that your Mom (and sister) have to say about you!

    I agree with anonymous that your Mom is a wonderful person also & should keep these things for herself & not always be so generous with all of us readers.

    I am looking forward to many, many more stories about Max & his adventures!


  29. Hey Max (love that name, by the way)! You are such a lucky guy, to have such a great, caring, dedicated mom. She's truly an inspiration, as you are too!
    I love reading about you and your family. It keeps my head high and my heart hopeful.

  30. Hey Max!

    You remind me so much of my godson - his favorite color is purple, too! Well, sometimes it's brown, depending on the day, but overall, you guys would be great friends! You are a lucky kid with a great mom! Man, give yourself a high five and a hug from me!


  31. Hey Max! We just wanted to let you know that we LOVE reading about you everytime your mom posts about you. We are only two but our mom says you are a pretty cool dude. You have some very fun adventures! We look at your pictures and one of our favorite words is "MAX". Our mommy told us that you are a very special boy that so many people love. We also liked reading about your nanny Linnette. You are very lucky to have her in your life, she sounds like she is a lot of fun!
    Marc and Peyton K.

  32. Hi Max!

    You are an amazing little boy! You are an inspiration to me and my little boy. You have a lovely mommy who will do anything for you, and for that you are very lucky.

    Have a good day :)

  33. You're so generous to offer the gift card up for a giveaway!

    Hey Max (my favorite color is purple too, by the way) You keep doing what you're doing and inspiring people every day - more people then you'll ever know!

  34. Dear Max, you are a wonderful inspiration for other families dealing wih CP. I read your mom's site every day to feel uplifted and powerful which is what she is doing for you. You are both lucky, and I am delighted that fortune smiles on you. And guess what, my baby Hannah loves purple and chocolate ice cream too! Great minds think alike.

  35. Hey there Max! (And Sabrina and Ellen and Dave. . . couldn't leave anybody out!)

    You sound like an amazing little guy. I can understand why your mom is so proud of you and all the things you have accomplished so far. I have a special little person in my life too, and always thrill when we master a new task or do something for the first time. I agree with the other comments here. You are a rock star, and have a rock star mommy too, for all the things she does for you!

    Now. . . go eat some chocolate ice cream for me! :-)

    be 4 me be 4 u (at) g mail
    (Yeah, I know, I know! Call me totally dopey, but I'm still hinky about even putting my email out there in public on comments. Just squish everything together and add your own .com and that's the addy.) *embarrassed grin*

  36. Hi Max, This is Cooper. Hope you are well over in the US of A!!! I love reading about your life through your Mums eyes and seeing how much you love school and life! Go Max Go! Love Cooper xoxo

  37. Dear sweet Max,

    It's been a lot of fun reading about you and the wonderful spirit. Whether you know it or not, you're changing lives and filling hearts, just by being beautiful, amazing, special you. I know firsthand, because my niece, Zenzele, did the same for our family. She was born with Trisome 18, a fancy word for a birth defect that left her unable to do a bunch of things, like talk, walk, and eat on her own. But oh, what JOY she brought to our lives. Zenzele could communicate—just not like most of the rest of our. This taught us patience. Zenzele also needed a LOT of help with lots of things, like going to the bathroom and eating and getting dressed. This taught us to be helpful. Best of all, she taught us how to love unconditionally. There were a lot of things she couldn't do, but the most powerful thing she DID do was teach us that ALL people are special in their own way, and that every second of life can be wonderful if you simply open your eyes to its beauty.

    When she was born, the doctors told Zenzele's mommy that she would go be with the angels when she was just two weeks old. But Zenzele was here on Earth with us 11 incredible years, teaching us how to be helpful, compassionate, open-minded, and loving. She is with the angels now, but we were blessed to have her, and thank God for her every single day.

    Thanks, Max, for teaching us in the way that Zenzele did.

  38. Sigh, I meant a BIG inspiration, for such a little guy. You can tell my brain was moving faster than my typing.

  39. Max,

    You certainly are the star of this blog. Someday you will realize exactly how special you are and you will thank your mom for sharing your life with us.

    BTW: One of Austin's favorite DVDs is Harold & the Purple Crayon, I think you two would have so much fun together. But no drawing on the walls!!

    ~Janis & Austin

  40. You have such an incredible Mommy. Make sure and share your hugs and kisses every day with her. And, keep that beautiful smile showing.

  41. Dear Max ~

    You ROCK! Hope you have a fantastic day and a wonderful weekend.

    Love and kisses ~
    mom to Maddy, another kid w/super special powers ;)

  42. I was just reading some of the other great comments left for Max and totally forgot something I was going to add to the bottom of mine.

    HAPPY B-DAY HEDY! (Totally late now, but the sentiment remains the same.) Ellen, please wish her a belated 'happy' from my family to her. ;-)

    be 4 me be 4 u (at) g mail


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