Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Max has a phone conversation

Max has been doing a lot of pretend play lately, and it's fascinating. But as I watched him on the phone the other day, I wondered: Who was he pretending to talk with? What made him crack up like that? At times like these, I long to know what is going on inside his head; it makes me wistful that I can't be in on his joke. Especially when Sabrina's right there prattling on. Then again, it also makes me happy to see Max talking like he does and expressing himself.

Wistful-happy: that's me, sometimes.


  1. I love it when the pretend play develops. It's fascinating to see what intrigues them and why. I love that he was cracking up at something!

  2. Graham still isn't good at the pretend play, unless he's pretending to be Spiderman and attacking Dottie.

    Dottie watched the video with me, she thinks Max is cute.

  3. That's so cute it's probably illegal somewhere :)

    I get wistful watching kids play too, remembering how I used to know the way to fairyland... Doesn't Sabrina play in ways that leaves you out of the joke too? I know my niece does all the time though she should be perfectly capable of explaining she's too busy playing to indulge the interested but boring grown-ups.

  4. Half the time I can't figure out what they're doing or why...and I honestly think they prefer it that way! I hear it gets worse as they become teens, too...

    And heaven forbid if I move that ratty old cardboard box on the porch, because it's not a box with scribbled stuff all over it, it's a fort! And I'd better not forget it, either!

  5. Cute video! I'm like Max in that I crack myself up too sometimes!

  6. He is so adorable! I think he's calling Santa to ask for the ice cream ball so he can make lots of homemade chocolate ice cream.


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