Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm a finalist in a contest!

Labor Day excitment: I'm a semifinalist in a contest sponsored by Travel Mamas! I did a post on traveling with kids who have special needs. This despite the fact that I recommended things like bringing along Valium and a mallet to conk anyone who doesn't accommodate your child. So, here's my shameless plug: Check it out, leave a comment and vote for, er, me!

(Note, you have to go back to the homepage after you read the post and click on the "cast your vote" link to vote.)

Thanks for the support!

Oh, and don't miss today's earlier post about swine flu, excellent comments there.


  1. OK, Ellen, I cast my vote for you! I hope you win! I love the Ten Commandments--and the pic of Sabrina and Max looks like a picture for a magazine ad. Those children of yours sure are photogenic!

  2. I just voted - and it was a great article!

  3. Voted!
    I loved the picture you chose to accompany the article. It's gorgeous of both Max & Sabrina.
    Good luck! I hope you win! :-)

  4. Just voted for you! I read every entry you make, even if I don't comment. So it's nice to pull for you in other ways!

  5. Congratulations, Ellen! It's a wonderful post and deserves to win. You've got my vote.

  6. I just voted for you too!

  7. Loved the article and voted for you as well.... I also read the other two and I think you have this in the bag!

  8. Thanks for the hello by me.

    I love this column! It was true and useful. We've had some nightmare travel stories- we have a runner and a deadbolt on the inside of the door didn't keep him in, but once he got out, he was locked out! Anyhow, I'm so glad you've got things under control, and I enjoy your Max posts.


Thanks for sharing!

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