Thursday, September 10, 2009

9/11: I will never forget

Tomorrow, I'm going to be thinking of the 2985 people who lost their lives on 9/11. It's hard to believe it's been eight years; I was headed into New York City that day by ferry and saw both towers burning. They are still hauntingly vivid in my mind. I can still also picture the "Missing" fliers hanging everywhere—on walls, poles, store windows, bulletin boards, any empty stretch of space. As the weeks passed, they faded and crumbled, along with the remaining hopes of the desperate parents and family who'd posted them.

I was grateful back then that I hadn't yet had children, so I could mourn and cry freely at home. When the kids are old enough, I am going to talk with them about that day. But they're still little so tonight, I am saying a prayer for those innocent lost souls and then kissing and kissing my sleeping Max and Sabrina.

Photo by Hilari


  1. I hear you Ellen...very sad day. I remember taking a flight a few weeks later and you could still see the smoke. I was glued to the television for days.

    My thoughts are will all of those that lost loved ones.

  2. How awful for you to see that! I was in nursing school, carpooling to campus, when we heard it on the radio. I can't imagine actually seeing such things. Definitely saying prayers for those families today.

  3. OMG!!!!!
    I can remember driving to work with Corey in his car seat in the back seat and hearing it on the radio and wondering "is this real?" and the sick, SICK feeling I had for so long and even now......and holding Corey tighter and I'm going to stop because I have already cried enough today......what a very, very SAD day...... My heart aches for the whole nation......

  4. I was at home, in bed, in fact, having a rare sleep-late, when it all happened.

    I woke up out of a sound sleep for no real reason, turned on the TV, and could not believe what was on the screen. What a terrible day. I can't imagine how horrified you must have been, seeing the consequences so up-close and personal.

  5. Wow Ellen how close you were to it all! Em and I were in a terrible car wreck 2 weeks before, and then 9/11 happened. I had some serious PTS from everything at once. My grandmother had taken off from Laguardia that morning and it took us forever to find her. Luckily her flight was ok and she was detoured to Canada until they allowed flights again. Also there were F-16's flying over the highway on my way to work to downtown Dallas, it was the CRAZIEST thing ever, and boy they were loud. I traveled to NYC, and saw the site, the tiles, the tributes, and more. Just sad sad sad


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