Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Disabled parents helping parents of disabled children: a new podcast

Imagine if you had a guardian angel giving you guidance for raising your child with disabilities. Well, there's no guardian angel app just yet, but here's something that may be just as helpful: a new podcast series, Parenting Without Pity, in which disabled parents give advice on raising disabled children. 


Created by the nonprofit Rooted in Rights, a video and social media advocacy program of Disability Rights Washington, the series features disabled parents giving compassionate, reality-checked tips and insights. The podcasts go live tomorrow.

In anticipation of the podcasts, the organization posted interviews with two disabled parents that have good tidbits. Debra Kahn, a deaf and blind mom of two children based in Seattle, noted the importance of communicating with your child in whatever form that takes. Disability activist and mom of two Cierra Reid mentioned that parents often aren't aware of Centers for Independent Living.

Great idea for a podcast series, right? I'm looking forward to listening to them.


  1. Is it going to be available through the apple podcast app? So far I don't see it there.

    1. We’ve submitted it to Apple and it should be there in no more than a couple weeks!


Thanks for sharing!

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