Tuesday, May 14, 2019

You never stop appreciating your child's wins

This year's Mother's Day cards from the kids were priceless—it's the way I feel every Mother's Day. Sixteen years into this motherhood thing and I still feel so grateful for their handmade goodies. Their cards will be sitting on our kitchen countertop for weeks to come.

Ben's card from preschool noted that his favorite thing about me is "I like to talk with her." Dave scribbled notes of appreciation on his card from the kids. Ben's said "I love her and I like to play with her!" and Max noted "I love her but I hate where we live and why did you move here?" cause he is hell bent on moving to California. Sabrina's tribute had all the good words: strong, kind, gentle, thoughtful and cool. I couldn't believe I rated a "cool." 

I had one of those it's-amazing-how-far-he's-come moments with Max's card. The handwriting was really clear—such a win for him. In the past few months, he's been intent on working on it. As I looked at it I thought back to the early days when he wasn't able to grasp a spoon or crayon, let alone a pencil. Max's accomplishments often have major history behind them. When I'm looking at a card he's made, I'm not just looking at the card but the years of hard work that went into it, which makes it all the more wondrous.

It's often the same with everyday stuff. The other evening, Max was going up the stairs. He likes to bend over and use his hands to climb, because he feels more stable that way although it's not working for him so well anymore. All of a sudden he said, "I'm stuck!" and I dashed over from the living room. His arms were too close together and he didn't feel secure moving. I told him to separate them for more support, and he did and continued on his way up. 

As I came downstairs, I remembered how the physical therapist used to help Max up. I thought about all those years of carrying him and then holding his hand. I remembered that time we were on vacation nearly seven years ago and he went up the stairs by himself for the very first time

This is why climbing stairs isn't just about Max being able to do it—it's the sum of many years of effort, determination and hope. Same goes for eating with utensils, throwing a ball, reading, using his iPad, speaking words and so many other things. And it is why this boy's Mother's Day card isn't just a Mother's Day card: It is sixteen years of awesome, on a piece of construction paper.

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  1. Max’s card is extremely impressive! But it’s not just a sign of how hard he has worked and how far he’s come. It’s a sign of YOUR persistence, determination, caring, love, and endless support. You are such a good mother and all three of your kids are very lucky to have such a fantastic mother. Happy Mother’s Day Re-do! I hope Ben is feeling better and you’ve gotten rid of the smell of puke. ��


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