Wednesday, February 13, 2019

He says it's easy, and who am I to disagree

Max may have been the only teen in the U.S. in recent history who did homework with Barry Manilow in the background. Our sitter loves him, and Max is now into Barry  as well. I mean, "At the Copa! Copacabana!" is not the worst background music for doing math, although I draw the line at "Mandy."

Anyhoo, Max usually uses his iPad and SnapType for homework. His teacher at school takes a pic of a worksheet with the app, and then Max can type or write on it. She sends the worksheet home, too, just in case. The other night, after Max had typed some prices on a money worksheet, he grabbed his English worksheet and said he wanted to write out the words.

Max's writing is getting increasingly legible, but in my mind, typing things out is easier for him.
When he writes he's grasping the pencil with all his might (it's wrapped in foam tubing) and focusing hard on forming letters while his right hand—his less strong one—holds the paper in place.

"Why do you want to write if you can use your iPad?" I asked.

"It's easy," he said.

I was about to point out that using the app was easier, but I stopped myself. I mean, I had no place telling him that—it's my perception. If he believes writing is easier, then it is. I think pride may play into it. Max has been working on handwriting in OT at school, and he's pleased with himself that it's coming along.

It's true that his teacher would find typed text more legible, but this particular assignment involved breaking down compound words and she'd be able to discern he'd gotten the answers right so I also held back on pointing that out. Perceiving how other people perceive him is generally a work in process for Max. He often insists on speaking even his speech app is handy, because he wants people to understand his speech.

For whatever reason, right now Max finds that handwriting words for homework is easier. And so be it.

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