Thursday, February 21, 2019

33 ways to feel more chill when you're stuck in the same-old life

Viral cat videos. There are always viral cat videos. And ones with kids doing funny stuff. These are fast lifter-uppers when I feel overwhelmed but don't have much time to relax. Dabbing a citrus essential oil on my temples and the back of neck also gives me a boost. Most awesome of all: when my DH takes our children out for a couple of hours over the weekend. Being alone in the house—and being actually able to actually hear my own thoughts—zens me out, even if I end up just picking up after everyone.

I recently asked my Facebook moms group what helps people chill out during their nonstop days. These are the go-tos that never fail to bring the calm, at least for a little while. Who knew tapping was a thing?!

1. "Facing the sun. I open the shades and just face it, like I am tanning myself."

2. "Listening to music while taking a hot shower."

3. "Planning my next trip, no matter how far off it is."

4. "The Headspace meditation app."

5. "Talking to someone who I know will make me laugh."

6. "Petting my dog—or, if I'm out of the house, looking at photos of my dog that I keep on my phone."

7. "Coloring in one of those finely detailed adult coloring books."

8. "Hugging my peeps."

9. "Podcasts! My recos are Happier, Code Switch and My Dad Wrote a Porno—I've laughed so hard I almost drove off the road. Believe me there is really nothing sexy about it, you'll laugh your butt off."

10. "EFT—the emotional freedom technique, which involves tapping."

11. "Cooking a meal I've never made before."

12. "Getting lost in a book."

13. "Fresh air! Taking a walk. And chocolate, of course."

14. "Weirdly, even if it's 50 items long, writing a list of everything that I feel stressed about or that I need/want to do gives me comfort."

15. "When I need to shut down for a bit I use a hypnosis app by Andrew Johnson called Relax."

16. "Sorting through piles of mail."

17. "Trashy TV—The Bachelorette or Housewives."

18. "Wheel-throwing pottery—I take classes."

19. "Going for a drive."

20. "Brewing loose leaf hot tea."

21. "Doing puzzles."

22. "ASMR videos."

23. "Running is lifesaving. I'm not even very good at it, and my hips sure do hurt, but it still grounds me like nothing else."

24. "My husband holding my hand."

25. "Working in the yard."

26. "Doing something creative—taking photos, writing poetry, silly dancing with my girls."

27. "Carole King's Tapestry album."

28. "A session with the Calm meditation app."

29. "Eating pudding."

30. "I don't feel like I can ever relax properly at home, even if someone is watching our son. It's like there is always something to do or on my mind. I need to get out! Massages, swimming laps, attending a meditation class."

31. "Knitting, especially an easy pattern where I don't really have to think too much."

32. "SoulCycle class or a pilates session."

33. "Going to bed early!"

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