Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Just two boys on a joy trip to California

Dave and Max have this boy trip thing going on. It started four years ago, when Max got it into his head that he wanted to visit Chicago. Dave cashed in some airline points, and off they went.

Then Max set his sights on Vegas, and to this day we are not sure why. And so, Vegas, baby!. After that, Max snookered Dave into taking him to Florida—Dave has a friend who lives near Orlando, conveniently enough. Saturday, the two of them headed to California, to visit Disneyland and another friend of Dave's in Studio City—Max has winter break this week. He looks ecstatic in every pic Dave has texted me.

I just adore that the two of them are traveling buddies. Five years ago, when Max first visited Disneyland (basically a pilgrimage for him, because he was obsessed with Lightning McQueen), I don't think any of us could have imagined that there would come a time when Max and Dave would be jet-setting on their own.

Max no longer gets restless on plane rides. He has more stamina for walking around. He doesn't get that distressed by crowds. He's not scared of rides at theme parks—he even went on that Disneyland bobsled roller coaster, the one in the dark. He likes to stay up late. And he's happy to be off on an adventure. Actually, thrilled.

From our 2014 trip: Max's I'm-not-so-sure-about-this-ride look. I miss those cheeks.

My dad loved to travel, and he passed that along to me. Now Max has wanderlust, and it's all sorts of amazing (thankfully, Dave has a stash of air miles built up from business trips). Travel is an education all its own. It heightens Max's curiosity about life, and emboldens him to try new things. Dave told me that at breakfast yesterday, Max made his own waffle. He'd walked up to the machine, poured in a cupful of batter, closed it and turned it. Dave helped him get it out.

Those of you who know Max likely have a question on your mind at this point. And the answer is: Yes! Max would like to move to California.


  1. I love seeing the pictures and reading about Max's adventures! I'm just curious, do you take Sabrina on any special trips or adventures? Or is she not into that like Max is? Not criticizing, just curious as to what she likes to do!

    1. A valid question. Sabrina goes on her own sorts of adventures; she's not into the destination travel that Max is.


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