Monday, December 18, 2017

My trip to Las Vegas: a post by Max

This post is by Max, as dictated to me.  

I went to Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday, December 7 for four days. I went with Daddy and Grandpa Michael.

We stayed at the New York-New York Hotel. It is a very big hotel. We were on floor 22. My room had two beds and I saw a roller coaster out the window. There are big buildings that look like New York City in the hotel. And a Starbucks. I had milk there. Daddy had coffee. A lot!

This is when we got to the hotel. 

I took a walk with Daddy by New York-New York. I was so excited. 

On Friday morning, we went to visit a fire station in Clark County. They were very nice. The fire trucks were yellow. I like red fire trucks. That was Mommy's fault. We went to a new station in downtown Las Vegas. They had red trucks. I was happy.

Daddy took me to lunch at In and Out Burger. Ewww. I had French fries and a cheeseburger. Daddy had a cheeseburger too. Ewww.

On Friday afternoon we went to Shark Reef Aquarium and Polar Journey at Mandalay Bay. I saw a lot of sharks. They were cool. I saw a lot of fish. I saw a movie about penguins. It was fun! I want to go back!

I walked here

Friday night we went to The Buffet at the Excalibur hotel. It was very so good. It was huge! I ate cheese ravioli, mashed potatoes, pizza and sushi. Daddy and Grandpa ate everything. I ate pumpkin pie, ice-cream with hot fudge and flan. Daddy bought me a piña colada. Daddy said my belly was big.

I think people should eat here. It looks new. The food is amazing. 

Saturday morning we went to see animals and dolphins at Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel. There were white tigers. I heard the lion roar. The lion was white too. It was so cool. I really like dolphins. The dolphin said hi to me with his fin. It was so funny!

In the afternoon we went to Adventuredome at Circus Circus hotel. It is very big and there are a lot of rides. I went on bumper cars by myself two times. I bumped into other cars. I'm a good driver! I went on the Road Runner ride with Daddy. It was very fast. It went backwards. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie there in 4-D. Water splashed my face!

I went on a ferris wheel ride

Saturday night was my birthday party at Benihana Westgate. My cousins came, they live in Las Vegas, they are so lucky. I had sushi and fried rice with vegetables. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and I had ice-cream with a candle.

Sunday we went home. I cried because I was sad. I'm going back next year to Las Vegas.

We had the best time!


  1. Max,
    I was so excited to read about your adventures in Las Vegas! I am glad that you had so much fun. I had no idea there were so many fun things for kids to do in Las Vegas. Now I want to go visit Las Vegas too!!

  2. What a great post! Brilliant. Much love to you all and Happy Holidays!

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, Max!

    Ellen, I'm seeing a TON of improvement from his post from 2 years ago! I did a search, and it's not just my imagination. Take a look:

    1. Isaac, I checked out the link you shared. It can take a lot more stamina to type something independently (as Max did the post you linked) than it can to dictate (which he did with this post.) I'd imagine dictating the post allowed him more energy to include more details, thus the more detailed blog this time around.

    2. Ah, good point! You're probably right, Tonia.

    3. And dictating has different demands when it comes to keeping something in your mind and transferring it to somewhere/someone else.

      Hence the "as told stories" in the world of journalism, Isaac and Tonia.

      And interlocutors are important.

      Again, the demands on memory.

  4. Thanks for this post, Max! I'm glad you had so much fun!

    But geez, Ellen. Don't you know that you'd better check fire truck colour? Obviously the red ones are far better! ;)

    1. I'd check fire truck colour as well.

      I have seen some incredible livery especially at the beginning of the Fire Danger period and for Christmas.

      And if we don't get confused with the police and the ambulance...

  5. Hi Max!
    Your blog was great Max- thanks for sharing!
    Your ‘guys only holiday’ sounds awesome. Pretty cool that you found red fire trucks.
    I’m glad you had such a fun time!

  6. Max, I am so glad to hear you had so much fun in Las Vegas! I know you've been looking forward to going for a long time. I like red fire trucks better than yellow ones, too. And I think The Buffet restaurant DOES look new. I want to go eat there. All the food you mentioned sounds so good. Also the dolphins look so happy you were there! Thanks so much for sharing about your trip. PS I have CP, too.

  7. Max--this may be my favorite blog post ever. It makes me want to go to Las Vegas,too, and I didn't even think I LIKED Las Vegas. Now, I will give it another chance. Thanks for sharing all these great details and adventures.

    1. There are places in Nevada that I would enjoy very much.

      Reno - and the reservations and the canyons and the desert.

      Vegas is a big bustling city and kid- and teen- friendly.

      I would definitely give Vegas a chance too, Paula.

      Perhaps a family or a friend would tip the balance.

  8. Hi Fireman Max! This is Wendy. I’m glad you had so much fun in Las Vegas! Sounds like you had an awesome time but I would like to say that even though your mom is super organized and on top of everything, it is probably not her fault that the fire trucks were yellow. I’m glad everything else was terrific and I would like to hear more about what the dolphin felt like. Happy Birthday!

  9. Wow.

    Max, I loved reading about your hotel stay in New York-New York. It must have had a feel of home.

    In and Out Burgers are probably not much to eat. All the stuff mashed together.

    And the aquaria and the dolphins in Sigfried and Roy.

    Glad you had a wonderful time with your cousins who live in Vegas and would have loved to show you some of the sights.

    You did a great job discovering Vegas for yourself.

    How exciting to go to Adventureland and use the bumper cars and navigate in space.

    Pumpkin pie and ice-cream! I think if I went to the Buffet I would try to eat seafood. The last time I went to a buffet-style area in my part of the world it was the China Bar and yes, they had sushi!

    Good to see the fire responders in Vegas. Ellen! I am glad you influenced Max in that way.

    That Roadrunner ride must have been good.

    Adventure wherever you are.

    You seem to understand dolphin body language.

    Mandalay Bay is wonderful for marine life. The other place in western USA which impressed me is the Monterey Aquarium where the des Roches Rosa family spend a lot of time.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Hanukkah with your family.

    Clark County is wonderful.

  10. Hi Max! I loved your blog about your trip. You did a lot of sightseeing! The only thing I don't agree with is your opinion of In n Out Burger. You'll have to try it again. Did you know they have grilled cheese?

  11. Sounds like Mr Max had quite the trip! I can't wait until my kids are older and we can start doing one on one things like this with them!


  12. Wow!!! Sounds amazing!! So glad you had a great birthday weekend. Las Vegas is so much fun!!! Love you!!!


  14. Max I having been wanting go to thanks to you I want to go more 😉

  15. I got to the In n out part and started craving it right away. I only get in n out when I go to CA as Minnesota doesn't have them. LOVE that place! BTW, WTG Fireman Max!


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