Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Heard at our house this week

The list returns, back by popular demand! Dave is just as neurotic about Ben as he was two years ago! Max is obsessed! Sabrina won't get off her phone and is critical! Ben is talking! Nobody is still picking up after themselves and I am over it!

Heard at our house this week:

"Honey, Ben bumped his head on the door, do you think he's OK?"—Dave

"New choo-choo! ["I need a new toy/book/video involving trains!"]—Ben

"I think Ben is watching too much TV, his brain is going to get destroyed!"—Sabrina

"I'm oh-ing ooh oss vey ass!" ["I'm going to Las Vegas!"]—Max

"See all those crumbs on the kitchen floor? They are not self-cleaning crumbs!"—Me

"I smell poop!" [Dave/me/Max/Sabrina]


"I'm oh-ing have eeena alada en oss vey ass!" ["I'm going to have a pina colada in Las Vegas!"]—Max

"Honey, this morning Ben was holding a toy and he kind of poked his finger into it funny and do you think his finger is OK?"—Dave

"Fler aeary shimou fler fler!" [????????????]—Ben

"I am not on my phone all the time!"—Sabrina (when she tears herself away from her phone to talk)

"See those dishes sitting on the table? The maid is off tonight! Clean them up!"—Me

"A B C D E F G H I J L M P NO MORE S T U V Y Z."—Ben

"I'm oh-ing oooh eat at eni-hana en oss vey ass!" ["I'm going to eat at Benihana in Las Vegas!"]—Max

"Honey, I'm taking Ben to the pediatrician!"—Dave

"Mommmmmy, I need new tops/leggings/dresses/necklaces/headbands/all the clothing/all the accessories!"—Sabrina

"Ben, please do not throw your couscous on the floor! Ben! Ben? Sigh."—Me

"I'll all oooh ehn I'm en oss vey ass!" ["I'll call you when I'm in Las Vegas!"]—Max

"Ehn ohm-ing ooh oss vey ass?" ["When can Ben go to Las Vegas?"]—Max

"Yuuuuv you!"—Ben

"The socks/jacket/sweatshirt/pants are staying on the living room floor for the rest of our lives, because I am not picking them up!"—Me

"Honey, what's that bump on his leg?"—Dave

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