Thursday, May 30, 2019

Just one of the best videos ever

Seven years ago, Max got an adaptive bike in purple, his favorite color at the time. And just like that, Max started riding a bike around our neighborhood. He pedaled with extreme glee. He got really fast. Other kids were all, "Wow, that is a cool bike!"

Max hasn't used the bike for a couple of years now. I was at work the other day when our sitter zapped me this video, and I almost cried. Ben is learning to ride a bike. And you know who's helping him? 




  1. See? THIS is everything. I wish those of us with disabilities were trusted to be care takers to lil kids more. It may be surprising for others, but we know everyone adapts. I have a degree in ECE and getting schools to take a chance on me working with their little ones is by far the biggest battle.

    1. Exactly. Max is an amazing big brother! Are you working in a school now, CJ?


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