Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mommy crap that erodes my brain

We got an invite the other day for a birthday party for a kid in Sabrina's class. February 6, at 1:00 at a local gym. Hmm. Why was the date so familiar? Oh. Because it was the same day as Sabrina's party. At the same gym. At 3:00. Organized Mom had gotten the invite out earlier than me.

Two birthday parties in a row with the same exact gym session (they always do the same one for parties)? Two parties in a row with pizza and birthday cake? Not going to happen.

I called the gym. The woman I spoke with said she'd change up the routines "slightly." That didn't sound so great. "Can I speak with the manager?" I asked. "I am the manager," she said. We spoke for another five minutes and she finally agreed that once she knew which college kids were scheduled to run the parties, she'd talk with them.

I emailed Organized Mom, who is planning to serve pizza and birthday cake first. Then she'll do the gym class, so at least there would be some chunk of time between chowing down. Now I have to figure out what sort of stuff to serve that'll make Sabrina and a bunch of kids happy that's not pizza and birthday cake.

I can't believe I'm wasting brain power thinking about this stuff, but I am because I'm kind of stumped. And because Sabrina's been talking about her birthday party for about six months now. We spend a lot of time doing special stuff for Max, so I want this party for her to feel really special.

Ideas for what to serve? Please share and I'll present them to boss lady (aka Sabrina).


  1. A buffet of chips, cheese doodles etc and a cupcake decorating station?

  2. I like the cupcake idea, it's not cake or you could do cookies and maybe decorate them instead.

  3. I knew I'd get good ideas here! But, oh crap, my bf just reminded me it's also Superbowl Sunday!

  4. what about a giant cookie instead of cake? I know there are places that will decorate a giant cookie just like a birthday cake.

    and as for the meal...what about a taco/nacho bar? you could bring the meat in a crock pot to keep it warm, and set out tortillas and crunchy shells with bowls of lettuce, tomatoes, guac, cheese, etc. and let all the kids make their own.

  5. Make your own sundaes? Or ice cream cake (if the other party will have regular cake? As for food, maybe chicken fingers?

  6. It sure would be nice if you could change Sabrina's party to Saturday, the 5th~~

  7. who cares about the superbowl...certainly not these kids!! How about making fruit kabobs and having chocolate to dip them in?? Not too much work if you get pre-cut fruit. Good luck!!

  8. How about you ask if they can set up an assault course and make it a theme, so you can use the gym equipment but in a different way, musical statues/bumps. You could have a face painter visit. Instead of a bake how about chocolate brownies with ice cream, you could have some scribbler icing pens and they could all decorate their own. I love your blog, love Oaties mum xxx

  9. One of my daughter's best friends has a birthday the day before hers. We always try to coordinate parties so we can enjoy each other's.

    I like the idea of nacho/taco bar for food because it can be snacky if kids want just a little.

    What about an ice cream sundae bar with fruit toppings for dessert? You might even be able to get away with slightly healthier frozen yogurt?

    Good luck! Who knew motherhood would be so full of etiquette and drama?

  10. Jeeez, is there any way you and "Organized Mom" (I already hate her--a LOT...heh heh) could do a combo event, and just have one meal, two cakes, served at the same time (chocolate and vanilla or something) with each kid's name on them and an "agreed-upon" menu for the both of you?? Then the guests could either enjoy half portions of cake or choose the flavor they like the best. Rather than exercise the kids to within an inch of their lives with two gym programs, have a nice combined gym program followed by food, then a movie or some cartoons, and finish up with a few party games.

    If she's unyielding, I say just press on with your plan, and maybe do tacos and a giant SABRINA cookie...? Or maybe mini-burgers and SABRINA cupcakes?

    God, that sucks that all your planning is screwed up by someone else doing the exact same damn thing on the exact same damn day--say, didn't you do this LAST YEAR, and is Organized Mom a little ripoff-copycat, or what??? Was her kid at your party last year?? If so, she's got no damn class--she should have called you to find out if you had the same thing planned, at least!

    My kids (surprise surprise) don't get many party invites and our birthdays are mostly large, doting, affectionate and messy family affairs, with the odd "best friend" of the moment included with his parent/s. We have a great time, but it's just food (usually a cookout, often very yummy ribs) and family and presents, no "themes" or "venues" (unless you count the barn out back if it rains as a "venue"). We tried one at a fast food joint, and all I can say is NEVER AGAIN. It wasn't their fault, it just didn't work....

    I sure as hell don't envy you, with all that crap on your plate and Superbowl Sunday to boot (I hope those bastards at the gym gave you a discount since it's a "bad" date). At least the kickoff is at six thirty eastern, so the only whiners will be the case-o-beer drunks who just "HAVE" to start the party at noon and the football freaks who just "HAVE" to see the pre-game crap (usually the scrawny big mouths who yell at the players through the whole game and couldn't get the ball two yards down the field if their lives depended on it)....hell, I only watch the SB for the COMMERCIALS, other than that I could give a damn!

    Anyway...what can I say but you have my complete sympathy!!!!!!! What a sucky mess!

  11. I have a niece the same age, and she loves making her own accessories. You can get solid colored fabric purses or t-shirts and let them go to town with puffy and fabric paint. She also got a bedazzler for Christmas, you could get one for Sabrina as a gift and then all the guests could use it, or borrow one. The only thing that trumps pizza and cake is CANDY. Lots and lots of candy. You can disguise it as cupcake or cookie decorating, or a pinata. Plus it's a party, no matter what you do all the kids will have fun!

  12. What about a theme, and do treats that are centered around the theme? Or you could do some kid friendly junk food like pigs in a blanket or pbjs that are cut into shapes (if you have no peanut allergies, that is!) I like the ideas about ice cream sundaes or cupcake decorating. Those are always really great for kids.

    Good luck!

  13. there's only one thing that tops pizza,,,,mcdonald's cheeseburgers...

  14. Does Sabrina like the girl? If so I'd ask if you can have a shared birthday - cheaper too! Just like Felicia suggested.

  15. The little girls my daughter's age seem to love tea sandwiches and tea parties (so do grownsups if you have smoked salmon!). They also went crazy for face painting, so maybe if one party were more exercise oriented and the next one more crafty where they produce things and take turns at face painting and making stuff in the party room? My daughter has really enjoyed making a thing to bring home, like decorating those foam princess crowns (working on letters and stuff too) or picture frames or light catching decoration things (and then the gliter glue and beads stay at the gym and not in your house - YAY!) I don't think you can really ask either girl to share the blowing out of the candles and attention but maybe if they ate then exercised then ate again and did some activity before the second cake it would be OK.

  16. If I could have switched to the 5th, I would have. But I paid a deposit. So did Organized Mom (whose kid, BTW, is a boy). Deposits: nonrefundable. Discount for Superbowl Sunday? HA! Place is being entirely unhelpful. Organized Mom didn't suggest combo anything, I really don't feel like going there.

    Felicia, your memory is amazing, we did have a party there for Sabrina last year. We are such suckers. After this, never again. Oh, and I also only watch the commercials. Someone just mentioned the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, which the kids and I will be trying this year!

    I casually mentioned to Sabrina that Birthday Boy is having birthday cake, and wouldn't it be fun to do something different like make your own sundaes or cupcake decorating. But, no, she wants her SpongeBob SquarePants ice-cream cake. So looks like the kids are getting double cake on Sunday! Hel-lo, sugar high! Taco bar is fun idea. I may just go for some sort of buffet-type thing with candy/veggie sticks/whatever.

    Liz, I don't know if I'm a brave enough mom to try to do Bedazzling with a bunch of kindergartners but, now that you mention it, it would be a fun thing to have around the house, unless Sabrina decides to Bedazzle Max, which would probably be fine with him if she did it in purple.

    Thanks for the great ideas and psychic support, everyone.

  17. My kids went to two bounce house parties on the same day last month and loved it. They were separated by a nap and it was different kids. It worked out well for me, because I saw my daughter not eating pizza at the first one (sensory defensive = didn't want to get her face messy in public), so I brought her own utensils and cut her pizza into bitesize pieces at the second party. You could do something to jazz up the pizza, like having it cut into different shapes. I think even if you had the exact same food, though, you'd get no complaints from the kids. Mine are only 4 years old and love predictability; they are more likely to complain about the differences than appreciate them.

  18. Hello there! I have to say that reading this made me feel really bad/sad for you and Sabrina!! Because as parents all we really want is for our kids to be happy, especially on their birthday, no matter what! I see you mentioned the puppy bowl. Could you make "puppy chow"? Kids could put it in little doggie bags, haha. Maybe you could eat the puppy chow and/or cake out of little dog bowls. Most 4-5 year olds I know (and I know quite a few, working in a preschool) don't really care that they are having cake AGAIN. They just care that there is even cake at all. And the parents will probably appreciate 2 gym sessions because it will mean they will burn off the sugar high from 2 cakes and be zonkered out by the time they get home! I know you want the day to be special for Sabrina and I think it will be. She'll have friends to play with and gifts to open. What more could a girl ask for?? :) Hope it all works out for you!

  19. why dont you have an opposite party as a nod-to and having-fun-with the double party thing.

    have chocolate pizza first
    here's one from max brenner

    and then for the food have things that look like dessert here's just one link i saw online:

    or maybe this is too much work? just have what you were planning. kids can never get too much pizza and cake anyway.

    and ps happy birthday to sabrina!

  20. cupcakes in cake cones (look like ice cream)


    puppy chow

    ice cream cake

    cheese balls

    walking tacos

    corn dogs

    macaroni and cheese

    funny face bagels

  21. The same thing happened to me this week! Also, weirdly, at the same place where zachary had his party last year. We decided to team up and do a joint party since we are both inviting the whole class. I thought he might have a hard time with it but he actually seemed excited--especially after I told him there would be two cakes.

    Anyway, whats wrong with serving cake again. The kids will certainly be fine with it. Make it as easy as possible for yourself!

  22. I was going to suggest strawberry short cakes instead of a traditional cake - but someone else said cake done in icecream cones - and I think that rocks! You could do it in Sponge Bob colors - even have the kids decorate their own - put the confetti sprinkles inside.

    As far as food, do a dessert pizza - but with sliced fruit - or a waffle bar......... Good luck E, and I'll trip that other mom for you if I ever see her!

  23. Fruit Pizza. Can't remember how to do the crust, (sugar cookie, maybe?? it's been too long) cream cheese icing, fruit slices.

    At that point the kid's will probably be full, so that's a win for your food budget. Fruit snacks and gatorade?

  24. Since she wants Sponge Bob Ice cream cake...what about doing a sponge bob party. Have the gym use an "under the sea" the giant mats are jelly fish, other items can be coral or sponges, etc.

    As far as the food...what about a make your own Krusty Burger! (isn't that what Squidward sells? I'm too tired from studying to look it up).

    Make mini burgers (keep warm in a crock pot etc.) have mini buns (or heck just get them from White Castle) and let the kids add whatever they want "secret sauce" (thousand island dressing), pickles, cheese, tomatoes, etc. and chips.

    Just a thought. My son is a July baby. The only thing good about an out of district self-contained SE class is that there are only 4 kids total (less parties--less presents for mom to buy) but it's also a down fall. But since it's an 11 month school year at least this year he gets a chance to celebrate in school. Ugh!


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