Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top 10 Hazards Of Being A Mom Blogger (post rewind)

Hello, peoples. I'm in Nashville, sucked into the Blissdom Conference, so I'm sharing a relevant favorite post from the past.

Top 10 Hazards Of Being A Mom Blogger

1. Being called a "mom blogger."
2. Husband thinks you are neglecting him and the kids and makes remarks like "Enough with that blog thing already!"
3. You look at everything in terms of post potential—house catastrophes, male pattern baldness, dead hamsters.
4. Heart palpitations and sweaty palms when you can't come up with an idea for a post.
5. Kids? What kids?
6. Mother-in-law finds out you make jokes about her on the blog and wigs out. Dang! She knows how to read blogs?
7. Friends refuse to tell you things for fear they will turn up online. As if you would EVER tell that Fran is cheating on her husband!!!!!!
8. You pour your heart out in a post and get two comments. And one of them is from your mother-in-law. And she's mad.
9. Potential defamation suits from the kids down the road.
10. You tell me!


  1. Spending way too much time making a new header or redoing the layout of your blog? Time that you should be spending on dishes or laundry. (This may or may not be what I did tonight.... hahaha)

  2. I love point 6 and 8, when I started Blogging I was a conservative blogger, but as time strolls on well. I'm about to post my most revealing post yet!!

    The problem is in the beginning I really wanted friends and family to read our blog, so I gave out the address but now point 6/8 could be a huge reality or worse!!! My MIL (mother in law) is actually very nice x

    I love how you see every catastrophe a blogging idea, hilarious!

    I love your blog, its great

    Ours is


    Mel Oatie's mum x

  3. Here's one.....

    Your child's school find out you have a blog and checks on you regularly to make sure what you are saying about them is true!

    Love it!!! So wish I could be there!

  4. OMG!! Fran is STILL cheating on her husband? Who knew???

    Hee hee....

    Hope you are having fun at the conference! Recharge those batteries, now!

  5. I still love this post. I was actually thinking yesterday what would happen if I became a mom blogger BIG IF. This list popped into my head. Nice timing.

    I think having being told "Mom please don't blog that!" would kill me.

  6. I think the jealousy and bickering is a hazard. "Why wasn't I invited to that party?" and "Why did that blogger get picked for this trip and not me?" and "How come I only get laundry detergent samples and that blogger got a washer/dryer?"

  7. And, the more you tell the truth and the more you allow people to see and experience your feelings, the more friends and family disappear. Dangerous business sometimes.

  8. #3 is a hazard for writers everywhere, not just a blogging hazard. I used to think I was the only one who could be in the middle of an intense argument then suddenly think "Dang, what X just said was a great line. I need to use that in my next story!" I felt way better when one of my professors, who has had 4 fairly well known lit fiction novels published, said that this is a hazard of writers everywhere - sometimes we put art before life. And it IS a hazard!

    (I met you at Blissdom right after you panel. I was one of the two girls with glasses who has a sibling with CP. Like you said, I hope Max hates your guts when he grows up!! :p)


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