Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The perils of a know-it-all sister

Max has been doing great with his sight words. His teacher sent home a batch printed on index cards, and when we read books and the words come up Max points to the card and says the word.

Sabrina grabbed the index cards the other day and started testing Max. She pulled out "go" and showed it to him. Word, Sabrina is not that far along with reading.

"What's this word, Max?" she demanded.

"Oh!" said Max, and I knew he was saying "go."

"Nooooooo, Max," said Sabrina, who had no clue what the word was.

Then she pulled out "said."

"Max, what's this?" she asked.

"Eh!" said Max. I knew he was saying "said."

"Nooooooo, Max," said Sabrina. "And this?" she asked, showing him the "play" card.

"Aaaaay!" said Max. ["Play."]

"Noooooo," said Sabrina.

"ESSSSSS!" ["YESSSSSS!"] said Max.

OMG. Intervention!


  1. wtg max in standing up for yourslef

  2. He's doing great with the reading, isn't he? Once he gets the written word down, hang on for some fun...he'll be all over that iPad if it has a typing voice feature. If you can make the voice sound like Donald or Daffy Duck or some other goofy cartoon character he'd probably be even more enthused about communicating using it (I know I would if I were a kid)!!!


Thanks for sharing!

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