Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Max, the car maven

It started with Max recognizing Toyota Siennas everywhere we went. He could easily distinguish them from Honda Odysseys, Dodge Caravans and other minivans. He'd squeal whenever he'd spot one on the road; he could even sight them at night. He has a definite preference for 2009 models (the kind we have).

Then he started pointing out our babysitter's car, a Honda Accord.

Between the popularity of those two cars, there is a whole lot of squealing in our Sienna when we go out.

This weekend, we were driving on a highway behind a Lincoln Town Car. Max was getting really excited; Dave and I had no idea why. Then we heard him say "airplane." And I realized: a year and a half ago, we took a black Town Car to the airport.

"Max, you want to take a car like that to the airport?" I asked.

"ESSSSSSSS!!!" he said, nodding happily.

I am just floored by his total car recall. I have to think of ways to put this to good use! We can definitely work on articulating numbers, for one. And, hmm, wouldn't Max look great in a car commercial?


  1. SO sweet. If only such things could bring us all so much joy. :)

  2. That is beyond impressive. What other kid can recognize car models like this...really. He's bright, that boy!

  3. OMG!!! I just opened my Redbook to see you there! I am so proud of you! I was reading along I was like wow this really sounds like Ellen's family--is it weird that I almost cried? excellent job!

  4. That is so cute! He does have a good memory.

    The only time I think I ever saw evidence my Max notices the make of cars at all was when my sister bought a new mini-van. He wouldn't get in it until I showed him it wasn't a Toyota! Not something they'd want in a commercial. ;)

  5. So cute! What attention to detail! That's a step up from "wed twuck" which is the favored vehicle in our household because Gramps drives one!

    Max makes a very nice "n" sound when he says NO!

  6. That is so super impressive. I can't recognize car models like that unless I read the name. What a memory!

  7. Just read your piece in Redbook about Halloween. Your decision to be "quirky" and not dress up your children in costume when they trick-or-treat is not really quirky - it's rude, boring, and shows a lack of spirit. Sure, Halloween is for kids to get candy, but my reason for staying home that day and handing out candy is for my amusement, too - to see all of the unique costumes and the creativity and planning that kids and parents put into dressing up. If more people decide to take the easy, quirky (?) way out and not dress up their children, my days of answering the door for trick-or-treaters will soon end. If your kids refuse to dress up, don't take them out. Period.

  8. I am glad that Max loves cars so much, super cute! Kinda shocked he isn't in a better car seat. He looked kind of floppy, booster seats with four point harnesses are much safer.

  9. yes, i'm asking anonymously because i'm a coward, blah, blah. if you really think max is so smart then why do you talk to him like a two year old? i know he has delays but i think it be beneficial and certainly more respectful of him if you spoke to him in a tone meant for an 8 year old!

  10. Could he BE cuter???
    I can't recognize a car to save my life.
    And I love his hair cut!
    Just read the other comments. Wow. I hope your skin is tough today. Apparently it must be "let's all give rude comments" day.

  11. I am glad Sleazak shared this comment here (she or he also emailed it to me); I will post about it later, and tell you about the Redbook piece.

    Anonymous #1: Max outgrew his four-point harnass last year. I did notice last night when I was rewatching the video that he was leaning to one side, which also seemed worrisome to me. I am going to ask around about this, and I appreciate your mentioning it.

    Anonymous #2: For years, doctors/therapists told us to speak very simple, overly ebullient phrases to Max so he could understand us. Even though his cognition has come a long way, for some reason, I frequently slip into that speak when I videotape; point taken. In real life, I talk to Max the same way I do to his sister. And

    Glad everyone (well, excluding the excessivley charming Sleazak) agrees on Max's cuteness!

  12. I was going to say, after talking to you on the phone, I think that's just your Mom Voice. Most of us have one. Mine is not as *there* as it once was, but I hear moms use them all the time. That's Normal. HA!

  13. Wow, some of your commenters really like to cut you off at the knees, huh?

    I don't hear "baby talk" in the video at all. I DO hear the intonations of a specific and favorite game you guys obviously play a lot. That's completely different than simply conversing with your child. I wouldn't worry about either guilt or fearing that you will scar Max's psyche. I hear school teachers talk to children Max's age using the same intonations. *shrug*

    For the car seat. We have an issue with Nik being able to get out of his seatbelt (even with the chest buckle on a 5pt). We ended up special ordering one through our local HME supplier. It's the SnugSeat Traveller Plus EL by Britax. We've rigged something so he can't get the clasp undone but anyone else could in an emergency. If that's an issue for you guys, too, I can email you more info.

  14. Max is one sharp little kid. I was way impressed by many things here. First, his attention to detail; second, his memory; and third, his language. I definitely heard these words so clearly: "No," "More," and "There1" Excellent. Excellent! What fun! Go Mommy and Daddy! You guys are so much fun. I love your high energy. I am pretty sure that I fell Emma in that way quite often. I don't think I am enthusiastic and energetic enough about things consistently, and this makes me want to spunk it up a bit. Thanks!

  15. Good for you Ellen, the way you handled in my opinion a couple RUDE comments! I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and comments are typically welcomed. it is not the opinions that I disliked but rather the tone of the opinion that could have been left out. You have so many people who follow your blog that you reach and help out everyday on so many levels. I hope you don't let these two bother you much.
    On a lighter note Hailey is 3 yrs old and has C.P. this past year we went on vacation in Florida in a community that golf carts were more popular than cars themselves. Hailey just love the golf cart soo much we shouldn't have wasted the money on Disney World where she hated the Characters, she would have been happier taking the golf cart out for a spin every day. Anyway, after dinner one night we walked through a parking lot with about 100 golf carts and I said "oh no, I can't even figure out which cart is ours, they all look alike" To my surprise Hailey pointed us in the right direction, when we got close we said o.k hailey which cart is ours and sure enough she picked it out. The rest of the week we played this game and Hailey picked it out everytime, amazing. It must be the "Special Powers" of the kids with C.P.!

  16. I'm with "Grammy" on the opinion/tone thing. I came back to have another look at the comments expecting more cheers and fun and ... WOW. I just can't understand how some folks can be so damn mean and snarky hiding behind a screen name on the internet. You have to wonder what's up with people who have a pathetic need to lash out like that. It's not sophisticated or cool, it's kind of sad. What kind of person gets all in-your-face to total strangers on the internet? I couldn't deal (politely) with that crap on a regular basis, it's one reason why I don't do the "blog" thing (on top of the facts that I have no time in my two-job day and would probably suffer from writer's block trying to think up topics from my not-exciting life!!!!). Anyway, Ellen, you're a classy lady. Good for you for sticking to the high road. I don't know if I could practice the same restraint!

  17. Kinda embarrassed myself with my typos in my previous comment (blush!). It was late and I was tired. I meant that I thought I heard Max say, "There!"

    Obviously, I also meant to use the word "fail" instead of "fell." I need more sleep. I guess you figured that, but I didn't want people to think I didn't know any better. I just do weird stuff like that a lot.

  18. Gosh, Max is super cute!

    However, as a EMS worker who has seen too many kids in bad car accidents, I cringed a bit seeing his shoulder belt tucked under arm. In the event of a collision this position can seriously injure a child. If the belt comes too high on his neck, he needs a bigger booster (or a booster with a belt positioner), or if he has issues with stability in a moving car, a more supportive seat. Ez-on vests http://www.ezonpro.com/products/familyVehicle.shtml make up to adult size car vests for use in family cars. Britax make 'big kid' boosters, which fit up to 100lbs and are reasonably priced as they are not a 'special needs' product http://www.britaxusa.com/car-seats/parkway-sg , if you are in the USA (Britax abroad have some similar products).

    Please do look into something that allows him to use his seatbelt in the way that will best protect him!



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