Friday, September 24, 2010

Keep an eye on my husband while I'm gone, k?

Blog peoples, I am off to the Type-A Mom Conference in Asheville, NC. Hopefully, I will not be apprehended at the airport for being on the FBI's Most Wanted list as the woman who set out to destroy Halloween.

Sabrina has already informed me that she is going to watch "lots and lots" of TV. I said, "Daddy follows the same rules I do—you can't watch that much TV." She said, "He's going to forget!" Clearly she's thinking of the free-for-all at our house that happened while I was at Blissdom.

I've left Dave a helpful visual above. Given that I can't expect you guys to come to the house, turn off the TV and give the kids baths, perhaps you can offer Dave your best advice about caring for them while I am gone?



  1. Ahhhh, Asheville, NC.... I'm jealous.

  2. Dave, find a fun activity to do with the kids that the kids forgot about, mom doesn't do, or is just a little silly (my kids like to set up a tent in the house, play with dad's tools, or play in the mud/rain with dad)....

  3. Hmm... tell him if he hears a car honking as it goes by, it's just us telling him to shut off the TV! :-)

  4. I just called home and the first thing Sabrina said was "MOMMY! I stayed up really late last night and watched TV!" Dave was all, "I don't know what she's talking about!"

    Yep. Kristen, do your drive by!

  5. Dave - just be your usual wonderful self with the kids and give them lots of hugs and kisses.
    The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so you can at least take them outdoors either near the house or somewhere else.


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