Friday, February 12, 2010

Makes me happy to just look at this

...and I need that happiness because during these last two snow days, the kids have been fighting, pulling hair, hitting and yelling stuff at each other like "AAAAARGH!" (Max) and "I DON'T LIKE YOU ANYMORE!" (Sabrina). Max has one advantage over Sabrina, which is that he can easily grab hold of her hair and prevent her from moving until I pry his fingers off (and he has the world's tightest grip, mostly because of the cerebral palsy but partly, I am sure, because of his determination to exact revenge).

Watching them brings back memories of fighting with my sister and all I can say is, it's a wonder we each still have two eyeballs and all of our teeth.

Dave dug up this photo from the depths of his iPhone, taken when we were at the shore in September. Do you think it would help to print it out and wave it in the kids' faces the next time they are engaged in battle? I am only half-joking here.


  1. Ah yes, memories of sibling rivalry... Being 2nd of 4 girls,I was another mother to the two youngest. Had to care for them then but as adults two of us got royally ticked at each other and hit, bit, and scratched -in front of her kids. Definitely not my proudest moment!
    However when she was 13 she severely beat me with a telephone and I felt like I couldn't harm one of "the babies".
    P.S. good for Max - both hands I hope. OMG only kidding. I'm ashamed...

  2. Does EVERYONE in your family have the "Ansel Adams" gene? What a great shot! And from a phone camera!

    I fought with my brothers and sisters, like we all do, but I was always their fiercest defender, too. I couldn't imagine life without them--they're such a wonderful, built-in support system, and they always have my back.

  3. We fought all the time as children, my siblings and myself. Thing was though, I was the only person allowed hit my sister, if anyone else did I waded right in to defend her. Great logic eh? Siblings have a fantastic bond and it is lovely to catch it on camera, gorgeous photo:) Jen.

  4. Last week we were inside everyday b/c school was canceled and it was the same thing over here! I LOVE that shot :)

  5. I use to fight with my sister, too...all the time. I would also be the first one to defend her if anyone else tried to do anything to her! :)

    My dad use to actually make us "hug it out" when we would be really mad at each other. We'd eventually end up laughing hysterically because we were being "forced" to hug each other!

    Great pic - I could use some of that with all our snow, too! No school ALL WEEK!!!

  6. I have some really great pics of my two hugging when they were younger. They still hug, but not as frequently and with less enthusiasm.

  7. That picture right there? would look beautiful and blown up, placed in the hallway, outside their bedrooms, for their eyes to fall upon everyday. Right there, that sets the tone for the day.

    I love it.

    It's like this BIG sign I made out of an old piece of white, rusty sheetmetal I found at a huge fleamarket. I stenciled "We Love You" on it, and placed it in their coat and boot area. The 3 of them see it everytime they sit and put on their boots, they can't help it. I tell myself that message is one they'll carry through their day. Visuals are powerful.

    Lovely photo.


  8. Love that picture! It is very sweet.

    The joys of sibling rivalry! I have 3 siblings - the sister that is 2 years older was pretty close when we were little. We played with our Barbie's together and did all kinds of stuff. Then the teen years hit. I could not stand her for years! I did not start to like her until she moved out. So I understand what you mean about wondering how you make it through those times with everything in tact.

  9. My brother and I fought like cats and dogs for twenty years--and then one day we stopped. I guess you work it all out eventually.


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