Sunday, February 7, 2010

A sweet song about kids with special needs

I'm stuck in Nashville due to flight delays (thank you, snow), and Dave has been sending me online stuff to check out. Which makes me wonder what the kids are doing while he's roaming around the web (watching their eleventh iCarly in a row, no doubt), but anyhoo, this video by Collin Raye is really touching. It's called "She's With Me," from his most recent album, "Never Going Back." Raye has a granddaughter, Haley, who has a regressive neurological condition no one has yet been able to diagnose.

This is what he had to say in an article about the song: "Haley inspired me to write the song. In life, bless her little baby heart, she can't do anything. She's totally helpless in every way. She can't hold her head up, she can't sit up, she can't roll over, she can't scratch if she itches, she can't let you know if she's in pain. It's just a miserable little life she has ... But, I always feel like it's such an honor to take her places and be her representative on this earth and say, 'Oh, hey, she's with me.'"



  1. I always break up when I hear that song. Hope Tenn. is treating you well and that you had lots of fun!

  2. That's a great song. Thanks for sharing. I had never heard it. I also like Mark Wills song, "Don't Laugh at me".

    Sorry, you are snowed in Nashville. We (in MD) have had like 28 inches or something. It has broke records. It will be a while before I'm going anywhere. {:)

    Stop by {:)

    Always Blessed,

  3. That song needs a warning label. I bawled all over my computer, which I'm pretty sure isn't good for it.

    Really moving song, Ellen. Thanks for sharing it!


  4. Another one bawling over my computer. Beautiful song.

  5. Ellen....

    So fabulous to meet you at BlissDom! Hope you had a safe trip home....

    Off to tackle my house. It exploded while I was gone!

  6. Ok, I'm in tears. What a lovely song!

  7. (sniff, sniff) I wouldn't be to mad at all the iCarly shows if this is what he's surfing the web for! :)

    thanks for sharing!

  8. Really awesome song you have shared here ELLEN. I loved to watch this song and my little daughter watching this song now... :)Opening of a kid's song


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