Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And the winners of the Seventh Generation kits are...

SarahH and Adri17, you are now the proud owners of a Seventh Generation Deluxe Healthy Home Starter kit. Happy cleaning and, Sarah, happy housewarming. And thanks again to Seventh Generation.

These confessions were totally amusing, and heartening: clearly, I am not the laziest woman in America. (Now wouldn't that be a great reality show). Oh, and next time you are at someone's home and wondering why it looks so neat, check their oven, shower or closets, because chances are they've just shoved everything in there.

Some of my favorites:

"I hate dusting so I just don't do it until it gets so bad I can see it from across the room."—Adrienne

"I used to sprinkle powdered cleanser in the bath tub so they would have to clean it before they could use it!!"—Anonymous

"If we have rice for dinner and if (when) some is spilled on the floor I always wait at least one day to clean it up -- because dry rice is easier to clean up than wet rice."—Janet

"I once had surprise company come, in the days before we had a dishwasher and I hid a sink full of them in the oven, while they were ringing the doorbell. Hee hee."—409cope

"My vacuum cleaner broke, and I managed not to care for months. Like, six of them."—Kris

"Cleaning? Bleh. I made my friend laugh by telling her that I write the date in the dust on my furniture and that some of the dates were from last century. Joke or truth, I'm not telling."—Heaventrees

"My first marriage was to an absolute jerk that was really horrible to me about keeping the house clean and doing laundry. He always got mad if he had no clean boxers so I just started throwing his dirty ones in the dryer and telling him they were clean. He thought he was fresh and clean, I got my revenge. Win win :)"—Lillulu2002


  1. I would love to see The Laziest Woman in America.

    Nay, The Laziest Woman in the World.

    Or perhaps they would all be sleeping or watching television.

  2. Hee hee! I will send you photos of me cleaning all the damn windows we put in the house...what was I thinking?!?!

  3. Those are funny! I feel so much better now...not at all like the totally worthless lazy bum that I truly am, it's good to know I'm not alone. ;)


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