Monday, February 15, 2010

Top Mommy Olympics sports

Morning dressing/breakfast/school drive triathlon

Freestyle toddler wrestling

Competitive complaining

Wet bathroom floor luge

Speed poopy-diaper changing

Clutter vaulting

Pediatrician waiting room endurance activity

Synchronized meal prep

No-you-do-it Daddy fencing

Got any to add?

Photo: National Archive/Spaarnestad


  1. breaking up the teenage girl hair pulling screaming wrestling match?

  2. The vomit catch/redirect
    The "husband-just-walked-in" baby-toss
    The rocking-to-sleep marathon
    and my favorite Dodge-bite

  3. Ooh, I love it. What about downhill laundry basket folding?

  4. Oh...I would win this one: brushing AND flossing the teeth of the "highly sensitive" and "easily overloaded" 13 yr old WITH BRACES.

    That is a daily treat, and I've got it down to 3 minutes.

    Caution: not for the faint of heart, involves wrestling, quite a bit of "outdoor voices" and perspective management.


  5. Hundred yard mad dash to the car when you're late for school!

    The "It's PAST your bedtime" tug of war!

    And don't forget the "Kids Only" ping pong game: "No you didn't!" "Yes, you did!" "No, you didn't!" "Yes, you did!"

  6. Very clever post!! Right now I am only experiencing the poopy diaper changing event and the handing the baby over to Daddy event but reading this post and the comments is giving me an insight of what I have ahead of me!! I better start getting into shape now so I am ready to compete in these "sports" over the next few years.

  7. 2-yard toot and dash
    Pooped on the floor obstacle course
    Crash cushion High Jump
    Climb every hill to tire him out marathon.
    You must wash your hands/go pee/get in the bath relay.

    You have me laughing out loud!

  8. I would have won GOLD in toddler dressing this morning.. an Epic battle to get Dottie dressed, and I was victorious!

  9. Oh, I also would win gold in middle of the night in the dark g-tube feeding without waking child up.

  10. How 'bout a biathalon.
    Speed toddler wrestling poopy diaper changing.

    My little doesn't lie still any more for changing a diaper and it is a test of wills to get her changed. She has too many things to do to stop for a mere diaper change.
    Thanks for the laughs!

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