Saturday, January 16, 2010

Helping Haiti

Today, a mom I met through the local Mothers & More group I belong to held a fundraiser to help Haiti. She ran a playgroup from 4 to 12; parents could just drop off their kids and, later, make a donation. She's planning to hold a couple more in the next week.

I was so glad she did this. I'd been planning to spend time this weekend looking into the best way to give money, and this was one simple way. We left the kids there at 6, then we went food shopping. I know, we are getting entirely too wild and crazy and must be stopped.

A couple hours later we went back to get the kids, and this is how we found Max. "He took everything purple," Sabrina reported. We made a donation and left as Max screamed bloody murder because we made him take off the purple hat and tutu. I am game to get him lots of purple stuff, but I draw the line at tutus.

I just e-mailed the mom who did the playgroup to thank her, and let her know about a very worthy organization that I'm going to be donating more money to: Partners in Health (PIH). PIH has been working in Haiti for more than twenty years, as well as eight other countries; it brings modern medical care to poor communities. I like that it already has a presence in Haiti. You can donate directly on the site in increments of $10 and up, just click on the button at right.

Let's all try to do what we can; the death toll of the earthquake may reach 200,000.

Update: If you want to see how much money any charity or notprofit actually gives out to people, after administrative costs, visit GuideStar.


  1. What a great way to help! I love the picture of Max!

  2. I am impressed when people stand up and help and not just think about it!!

  3. Adorable post and what a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion for Haiti -- I've put the button on my blog...

  4. That's a fantastic idea! Maybe I'll see if I can organize something like that with some of the families I babysit for . . .

  5. My heart breaks for the people, it is so painful to watch the news. What a creative and practical way to help.

    I thought I was the only one with a boy who liked tutus! And tiaras...but in hot pink! You've gotta give 'em props for "fashion vision" I guess!

  6. What an awesome woman to do that! Love the pic of Max...priceless!

  7. What a practical way for that mother to help! I love it when people are creative with fund-raising. What a win-win situation!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  8. Hello Ellen,
    Once I discovered your blog because I was searching for pet ducks. I followed your blog since then from time to time. I admire your commitment and your perseverance for the well-being of your small boy. He could have no better parents.
    This is especially for Max! I hope you will let him see this!
    I wish you all the best.

  9. I encourage you all to read for updates on an effort to help 1 of the many orphanages in Haiti. this one is run by 2 young girls from Pittsburgh, PA

  10. I'm so humbled at everything everyone is doing to help the cause in Haiti! What an inspiration!

  11. I also do what I can to help those poor people.
    This evening there's a Haiti TV benefit on the Belgian Dutch broadcaster. I'm going to donate there.

  12. I am just astounded by the continued support I am reading about from blogs. Awesome and love the pic of max. Purple is a great color!

  13. both or max's arms are straight and his fingers are open!!

  14. Wonderful way to help. Wow, it amazing how much devastation there is in Haiti. I cannot watch the news without crying. It is sound heart-wrenching to watch people suffer, especially the children.

    I, too, love this picture of Max. He really is INTO PURPLE. I am not sure if I ever mentioned this, but Emma likes YELLOW. She enjoys saying it too. Over the weekend, we founds some bright yellow beads at Wal-Mart. She loves beads too, so that was a winning combo for sure.

    Happy belated anniversary. I should have posted this below, but... My wedding wasn't much to mention. It was very small. Only our closest friends and family. Nothing spectacular. We had a small budget though. I still love my husband very much, but our relationship has changed a lot since Emma. We definitely don't get enough alone time.


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