Friday, January 29, 2010

The purple love just keeps on coming

Welcome to the purple newscast, coming live to you from a place where it's all purple, all the time.

Alert reader Laura from Jonathan, Our 25 Week Miracle recently drove by this house and made her husband turn their car around so she could snap a photo. Max has been clinging to a bedraggled printout (he's sleeping with it as I write this) and keeps asking to paint our house purple. Let me just say, a gay couple in our hood painted their house pink and people around here still haven't recovered. Today, alert sister Sabrina noticed a house with a purple door and purple trim, so perhaps Max's purple-house craving will be satisfied with a drive-by.

I've finally accepted my purple reality and added the word "purple" to the blog description on this page.

In other news, a woman who makes the most adorable baby stuff, hats, purses and jewelry, Deborah of Voodoo Kitten, offered to make Max a purple bib. How could I refuse?

Countless people have e-mailed to say how much they or their kids also love the color purple. Or how when they see cool purple stuff now, they think of Max. Gina from Inky Ed sent a link to purple wristbands; some kids she knows use them to wipe away drool. Trust me, if Max really thought about it he'd ask how he could make his drool "ur-ul" too.

Tonight, Janis from Sneak Peek sent a tweet that said, "We are watching Harold & the Purple crayon. I thought of Max. :)" along with the cutest picture of Austin coloring with a purple crayon.

This is all so cool. And might I also mention that purple is the color of the pediatric stroke awareness ribbon.

I guess it's a good time to reveal that my favorite color is green. Hunter green, kelly green, lime green, whatever green. I've never been a purple person. But I'm beginning to wonder whether all of this purpleosity means something. I'll defer to a fascinating comment from Lisi on last week's post about Max's one-track (purple) mind:, which is obviously becoming my one-track mind as well:

"I had a kind of creative idea I wanted to share. They say (although I have never seen it myself, I totally believe) that each of us has a color around us, an aura, that changes over time. Perhaps Max has seen this color around someone (like his mom) and loves it!!! I did a little reading about purple aura (which you can totally do on so many sites) and it seems to be associate with healing and spiritual health, among many other wonderful things. I just thought it was so sweet, I wanted to put it out there!"

Coming next week: Max sees his purple Converse sneaks for the first time. Aka, the squeal heard 'round the world.

Signing off now and once again wishing you a purpletastic weekend. Oh, and you have to swing by on Monday when I am giving away a beautiful $655 handbag (brown with pink trim, nobody tell Max).


  1. Green is my favorite color, too. :)

  2. I looked up green for your aura and it means 'healing, peace, nurturing, new growth'. Guess we are attracted to colours for a reason:) Jen.

  3. I think every season in our life (and there are so many) brings us a different color...make sense? I hope that you will continue to bask in each season taking away something that inspires and compells you to aspire...You are fabulous and so is that Max.

  4. Hey Ellen,
    The colors we had at Faith's birthday were purple and green! You guys should have been there...Max would have been kidnapping all the table clothes! LOL!

  5. Purple and green are two of the colors of Mardi Gras (soon).

    I linked to your post here via the words "purple sugar" in a post on handwriting last week.

    Yesterday I linked to your post on PWD in movies (excellent post).

    Purpletastic weekend to you, too, Ellen.

  6. I love the purple! I think it gives him power and control. He is making that choice to love purple. That choice itself is one of those accomplishments that we can't take lightly.
    Good work, mom!

  7. Green is my favorite color, my son's is purple like Max. My daughter I think, is on blue now. Hard to keep track of hers!

  8. Thanks for the shout out hun. If you want to raise some money we will dedicate Austin's intricate purple scribbles to Max. You can auction it off to the highest bidder in the name of Pediatric Stroke Awareness. :)

    BTW my favorite color is blue, but we can still be friends.

  9. I remember you saying something about being a big Target shopper recently. The Target near me had some boys long sleeved t shirts in purple on clearance. My kids are almost 7 and 9 so I am guessing probably the racks I was looking at would work for Max in terms of size. Thought you might want to check your store :) I enjoy your blog because, as a mom of non-special needs kids, I learn a lot. Plus I enjoy your sense of humor.

  10. The opposite of green is purple, you know!


    Opposites are bound to attract--you were meant to be Max's mom! The colors don't lie!

  11. Green is also my favorite color...but only like vibrant grass green...soo pretty....Now our HS mascot is the indian and the collors are purple and white. I will try to find a picture of our indian spirit and send it to you. I think Max would like to look at it.

  12. Another 'greenie' here! And green is also the color (as I'm sure you know) of the CP awareness ribbon. :)

  13. Hi Ellen,

    I am so happy that you read my comment and found it interesting. It is such a sweet gift to me to able to contribute something to you, as your blog is something I enjoy so much!

    All the best!


  14. My favorite colors are green & purple. My one daughter loves orange and has since she's been able to talk. I think Max is great and I can't wait to see him in his new high tops!!


  15. Ellen. I love that we connected last year so randomly at BlogHer--I am really looking forward to seeing you again.

    Thanks so much for stopping by the other day for that totally random squid dog post of mine...made my day!

    I love how you look at things--I never would have considered checking into color auras--but I'm totally buying it and bet you're right!

  16. Too cute! Green is my fave color too. I decided that when I was ... about Max's age! And it stuck! Purple is lovely too. :) xo

  17. I have been reading for a while, but just decided to comment. There was a category on Jeopardy tonight called "Purple Prose and Poetry" and I thought of you and Max. Best wishes!

  18. We are discussing repainting the trim on our house from an ugly green color to any other color. Right now the favorite seems to be purple!!

  19. My husband and I both went to Clemson for college where their school colors and orange and purple. Max isn't the only one that loves purple. We even painted the walls in our gameroom purple. He's got good taste. :)

  20. I've just recently started reading your blog. While I was out driving the other day I saw a purple car with purple rims and thought "Max would freak!"


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