Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sabrina's 5th birthday party: Nobody called the cops!

The place: a local gym. The theme: blue, Sabrina's new favorite color. Coincidentally, I found out, it is also her two best friends' favorite color. Is this how cults start?

There were 22 kids sitting on the floor calmly doing stretches. How do they get 22 five-year-olds to sit on the floor and calmly do stretches?

Move over, Nastia Liukin!

This is how Max rolls.

Max refused to get off the trampoline; I think we might need to get him a backyard one. (Confession: I like jumping on them, too.)

Patiently waiting her turn, never again to be captured on film.

Getting her birthday props.

My good friend Paola made blue cupcakes for the kids and chocolate ones for the adults. We have lots of leftovers; I am averaging one cupcake every 1.5 hours. Wish I could zap some to you. Wouldn't it be cool if the new Apple tablet they're releasing this week let you transmit cupcakes?

One guess who these belonged to.

Sabrina grudgingly eats her cupcake.

Scenes from a sugar high: All the kids ran around bopping each other with balloons. Then they did more stretches and pondered the meaning of life. OK, seriously, I saw Max play "Duck, duck, goose!" for the first time—he said "oose!"

After-party at our house. Sabrina, Max and their friend Ilyssa decided to explore our first floor in a hula hoop, an environmentally-correct method of transportation. I heard Sabrina say to Ilyssa, "We have to help Max!" And then she stood behind him as they puttered around to make sure he was OK.

It was a Good Day.


  1. Happy Birthday Sabrina! And since today is her day that makes today one of your Mother's Day. Yeah, Family. Great photographs

  2. Happy Birthday Sabrina! Hope 5 is great!!!

  3. Ellen,
    this was so cute! The big FIVE, wow! The choice for the party seemed very appropriate with the wall colors! I think that was a great idea, to get the cupcake energy all out of them, trampolines and exercise! Happy Birthday, Sabrina!

  4. Happy Birthday Sabrina. Looks like it was a great party. You know, blue and purple make a great combination:) Jen.

  5. Happy birthday, Sabrina! What a great party!

    And extra cupcakes for the adults? Genius!


  6. Aww Happy Birthday Sabrina!!! Your kids are so precious! & You're not alone I love trampolines too!

  7. Happy Birthday Sabrina! WOW 22 kids and you survived? Glad she had such a great day!

  8. Happy Birthday Sabrina! Looks like a great time had by all! Ellen, you can send over cupcakes anytime! :)

  9. Happy Birtday Sabrina!

    Looks like a good party... still trying to think of something for Graham in March... I think I'll check out the kid's gym in town. Thanks for the idea!

  10. You really need to write a BOOK! I know I have said this before, but I am dead serious--you have the best ideas and an amazing perspective.

    What an ingenious idea, to have your darling girl's party at the gym--it's fun, it's healthy, and there's ROOM TO RUN in safety, without trashing your house! How totally clever!!!

    I think I'd have snatched out every hair on my head if I had 22 additional kids to herd--I hope you had some help!

    And CUPCAKES! Way easier than cutting a cake, listening to "Waaaah, his piece is bigger than mine," and so much easier to serve.

    Fantastic pictures to illustrate your narrative--as always!

  11. 22 kids at a birthday party? You are patient as a saint! It looked liked a great birthday party, those cupcakes look yummy, I want one!

    P.S.- It's duck,duck,grey-duck, btw ;)
    GO VIKES!!!!!

  12. Hubby and I keep saying we're going to get a backyard trampoline just for us! Um, I mean, I'm sure Charlie will like it! Never mind that he can't stand:)

    As soon as cupcake transmission is achieved I need one sent to my house--YUM!

  13. That looks like a really good day. My boys have birthdays which are just 13 days (and 2 years) apart so we typically host a joint party. This year I had a magician come to my tiny house to entertain 25 4-6 year olds. I thought it was going to be carnage and i would no doubt need a stay in a sanitarium at the end of it. How wrong could I have been? I have NEVER seen a group of children sit so still and be so completely engrossed...for 50 whole minutes. It was the best $300 I have ever spent in my life.

    All the parents were amazed...and then started taking liberties with the free wine and beer on offer, at which point I was more concerned about having my house trashed by the adults rather than the kids!

    Happy Birthday Sabrina!

  14. Happy Birthday, Sabrina! You are too cute! Looks like you guys had loads of fun.

  15. Happy Birthday, Sabrina!

    And AMEN to good days!


  16. Happy belated Birthday to Sabrina! The party looks like great fun!

  17. Happy Birthday Sabrina!
    Nettie, Elaine, Noah and Eric


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