Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not-so-wordless Wednesday

Thanks for the comments on yesterday's post about dumb stuff I waste money on; they helped me realize that I am far, far worse than I'd even thought. Like Insomniac Mummy and Debbie from Finding Normal, I am a sucker for getting the kids toys. Like Lianna, I buy Max bananas as if he were a primate or something, and then half of them end up rotting. Like Meredith from Templin Family, I stock up on Band-Aids, of the Princess and Cars variety. Like Tiff, I hoard photo frames. And like Dianne, when I'm fond of a t-shirt, I get it in several colors.

I hope you will all be here to comfort me when I someday spend my last cent on bananas or Band-Aids.

In other news, I still haven't given in to Max's repeated requests to have our car towed just so he can see it on a tow truck. If any of you happen to own a tow truck and are willing to drop by, just say the word.

Sabrina, who's four, continues to think she is the adult in our relationship. Dave called my cell last night as I was headed home from work, he'd taken the kids for ice-cream. "Tell Sabrina she can't eat Max's ice-cream," I said. "Mommy says you can't eat Max's ice-cream," Dave told Sabrina. "Mommy's just kidding," Sabrina informed him.

Last week I told her that Max is going to go to a special doctor soon (for stem cell therapy), and she'll be getting to go to a sleepover at my friend Wendy's house. She didn't ask too many questions, other than whether Max will be getting on a plane and could she bring her Ariel doll to the sleepover.

I know I said I wasn't going to get my hopes up too high, but they're inching up there. We've been getting encouraging e-mails from people as far away as Turkey and Australia who've gotten stem therapy for themselves or their kids. One reader, Lorraine, sent me this video about a boy I'd heard of, Dallas Hextell, who got a stem cell infusion at Duke (that's where we're going). It's incredible to watch. But Dallas is so young, it's hard to tell whether or not it was the stem cell infusion or natural development that helped him progress. See for yourself.

Last, words of gratitude for Eunice Kennedy Shriver, an amazing lady who founded the Special Olympics in 1968. Her advocacy for people with special needs helped bring them into mainstream America. And for that, I owe her. May she rest in peace.

Photo by Alistair Hall


  1. I am just so excited for Max. I can't wait for you to go so you can come back and tell us all about your adventure and Max's progress.

    Oh, Ellen, I forgot to tell you that you really want to watch that DEAR FRANKIE movie before you send it back--keep a tissue handy, it is a wonderful film.

    I was thinking about Max and the cars at work, because a gentleman came in who was driving a car carrier stuffed full of cars for a dealership. You should call a nearby dealership to your home and find out what day they deliver the cars, and then take Max to watch the cars come off the big carrier--now that would be a sight for a little boy who likes cars on trucks to see!

    My hopes are high for you too, Ellen. You have no idea how much I hope for leaps and bounds for Max.

    Did you see the improvements made by this little girl, Maia, from New Zealand? She was infused at Duke as well and she was a bit older than Dallas. It is in two parts, and it's amazing:

  2. Ellen,
    We saw the little boy on the Today show before. We are hoping that Max will have some kind of miracle after his therapy! It's OK to be hopeful, I also know it is scary to be. How long will he have to be there? I am telling you, you need to look up some GOOD EASTERN N.C. bbq, while you are up there. It is awesome! My fav. fast food kind is a place called Smithfields', it's a chain of them in eastern NC. And the sweet tea is the best anywhere!!!! Keep your hopes up!

  3. I don't think you are "far worse"! I also just rememebered I collect blue Hoody's. To me you seem NICE! I so agree with you on Eunice Shriver. I've listened to her speeches and she was an amazing woman who made it possible for so many people to be an athlete. What a tribute to pass and be remembered for being a kind caring person!! She believed in being hopeful. I think we are all hopeful for your son Max!

  4. That video is amazing! I look forward to hearing about Max's adventures and the results afterwards. I think hope is never a bad thing. : )

  5. I've seen that video before. . . it's pretty spectacular. You know, you with high hopes if that's what you want to do--law of attraction and all that.

    In a completely unrelated vein: do not give away your egg plant! slice them, season them, spinkle them with parmesean cheese and then saute them in a skillet with butter. Freakin' delicious and you won't feel too bad about it because, hey, there's a vegetable in there!

  6. Thanks, everyone. I am going to be taking lots of videos! Felicia, that is SUCH a good idea, I am going to find out when the next car carrier is coming to a dealership! Katy, you've inspired me to try eggplant. And Candace, you've inspired me to get BBQ in North Carolina! I didn't really need too much persuasion, though. :)

  7. That tow truck thing makes me laugh because that is so Evan. He is obsessed with tow trucks.

    Good luck with the treatment. I hope that you get the improvements you are hoping for.

  8. I can not wait to see how the surgy goes

  9. I can not wait to see how the surgy goes


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