Friday, August 14, 2009

How are your kids like you?

Inspired by the post on time-saving tips, yesterday I cut out all small talk, didn't floss and cooked while driving. And I saved soooo much time!

Max was asleep when I got home from work, so for the first time in a while at bedtime I read only to Sabrina. It was a Sesame Street book in which each page featured a different letter of the alphabet and objects beginning with that letter. I watched her knit her little brow in concentration as she named the letters in every word. "B-u-c-k-e-t!" she said. "Very good!" I told her. "What does that spell?" She paused, eyed the picture and said "WATER!" triumphantly. I loved how she tried to fake it.

Sabrina got my book-love gene (I was a major library geek as a kid; I'd go weekly, check out the maximum number of books and get through every single one. Now I am just a geek). Dave calls her "Mini Me," and it's true. Like me, she's a talker. Like me, she's persistent (oh, OK, stubborn). Like me, she notices the most minute little things, like a hairline crack in our wood staircase. Like me, she has curls. Like me, she gets cranky when she's tired. Like me, Like me, she loves pickles. I could go on and on.

Max has plenty of me in him, too. He got my brown eyes, except his are way bigger. He's very social, he's enthusiastic about life, he loves to giggle, he adores ice-cream, he's got great energy, he doesn't take crap from anyone (anyone named Sabrina, that is). I am especially proud of this last trait; he may be a kid with special needs, but his spirit works just fine.

How do your kids look like you and act like you?


  1. Awe, Ellen, how cute! Love the family pic! Faith is the spitting image of my hubby, from her 18 in. eyelashes (totally unfair!) to her pouty lips. But she does LOVE books, that's from me. And she LOVES all animals, that's definately me! Carl just tolerates them for our sakes!LOL! It's weird how our kids pick up these traits and loves. I guess I like alot of thing my mom does. WEIRD. Very sweet post!

  2. Both of my boys look like their daddy (my oldest originated from daddy's sister and a career criminal, biologically speaking, and we adopted him--but like many cousins, the two look enough alike to be brothers). The thing they have in common with me is a love of food and reading! If it's tasty, we're on it. Good thing they've got their daddy's metabolism--at least so far!

    And we all like the same style of "no stress" vacation--there's nothing better than camping at the lake, and lazing around reading between swims and fishing. They like that better than a theme/water park--we tried that last year and it was an unmitigated disaster; a melt-down a day from someone or other, myself included (the crowds at the place we went had a lot of tough kids there, it just wasn't a good scene)--it was the longest three days of my life.

    I'm not much into fishing, but the boys are--they get that from their dad and their grampa.

    They also like to chit-chat, and that, they definitely get from me. They can talk and talk and talk to anyone and everyone about anything at all. They do have a habit of thinking everyone is interested in the same stuff that they are (don't we all?) which can make conversations interesting with sweet little old ladies who have no idea who Sponge Bob Square Pants is!

  3. Lots of people have said my sons look just like me, so I guess they do! They have my love for chocolate and we all get "peopled out" and enjoy quiet time alone!

  4. From the ultrasound, it looks like she'll have my big butt! Time will tell...

  5. Well, Charlie doesnt' really look like either of us. He definitely laid back like my husband. I think the only thing he got from me is his night owl tendancy.

  6. are my children like me. Well, they're both gorgeous! LOL!!!!
    Seriously, I see a lot of me in Gavin. He loves music and books...hopefully because I have been singing and reading to him since he was in my belly! And he is also very determined and doesn't give up. Brian? Probably that neither of us can be still...always in motion. And we both LOVE to eat!!!

  7. Hi Ellen!
    Thanks for stopping glad to meet you too...your kind words meant a lot.

    I believe that Max can do anything he wants...and helping you with the blog can very well be on the list!

    Take care, and I will be adding you to my list of must reads!

  8. well my mom likes to say how I was always sick as a baby...and I got some of the pukiest kids around! lol

    Kennedy gets freckles if she gets sun...and I have tons of them.

    Zach is a pasta eater like me.

  9. B- u - c - k - e - t spells water - that is too cute!
    Everyone says Daniel looks like me, but he still has Daddy's big blue eyes. Like me, he loves to read and learn. He gets so excited when I agree to "play school"
    (that is, we work on reading, writing, math, or geography). I was the same way when I was his age.
    Like me, he's also VERY hard - headed. If he thinks he's right about something, he'll argue and refuse to back down. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it does cause us to butt heads sometimes!


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