Monday, August 3, 2009

Butterfly Garden giveaway!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd gotten the kids a Butterfly Garden kit; it comes with a habitat, and you send a card away to get live caterpillars then watch them turn into chrysalides (aka cocoons). Well, it was a huge hit. I think this sort of thing is great for any child, but I'm always glad to have interesting ways to help Max understand both nature and the passage of time. I have to say, this city girl was pretty fascinated, too.

The caterpillars arrived in this glass jar, and ended up sitting on my kitchen counter the entire week. Not my preferred place, I'm a little squeamish, but it's just one of those things I never got around to moving. Come to think of it, that's the decorating motif of my entire home: things I never got around to moving.

Day 2: "Mommy, is that caterpillar doody?"

Day 3: I swear, I was not feeding them growth hormone or cheeseburgers or anything. They got big this fast all by themselves.

Day 4: Hanging out.

Day 5: Three cocoons!

Day 6: I think the caterpillars and cocoons were tipsy from a big glass of red wine when this photo was taken. No, wait, that was me.

Day 7: The slowpoke of the bunch.

Day 8: In their deluxe condo.

Day 10: Two butterflies came out overnight! I wish we'd had a butterflycam to see it happen.

When I asked the kids what we should name him, Sabrina said "Butterfly," not surprisingly. She called our former fish "Fish," you may recall (Max called them "ish") before I accidentally murdered them.

Day 11: They're outta there!

Day 12: Snacking on the sugar-water mixture we doused tissues with.

So beautiful, right?

We set them free after three days, with a little drama: One immediately flew onto Sabrina's stomach, and she screeched her head off. I hope the butterfly does not require therapy for that.

The kind people of Insectlore generously gave me three Butterfly Kits to give away, so leave a comment below by Friday midnight, and I'll randomly select three winners and announce them on Monday.


  1. Wow those look fantastic! I'd love to try those with my daughter :)

  2. My kids would love one of these!

  3. What a great idea!

  4. how all your pics!

  5. Ok, I don't really want one - the kids are too young and, although Ed would LOVE this, I would be grossed out a bit.
    But...I just had to comment to say:
    You are the funniest person I've never met. :-)

  6. LOVE reading your posts! Am a big fan....Would love to try this out with my four boys...Could use a little kitchen decor as well...

  7. I bet my girls would love those...I couldn't find them in our stores...they did have a frog habitat and thanks i don't do frogs or ants haha....

  8. I've got three little boys and a little girl who have been BEGGING for this butterfly deal. You'd get me a mom-of-the-year on this one - FOR SURE.

  9. We've done the butterfly thingy at our house and everyone seems to get a kick out of it (with the exception of me!)

    Daniel would love one of these! And I like it because its got a netted cage they can't get out of! Ours came in just a little box that they could escape!

  10. Ellen,
    Oh, pick us! Faith loves anything that moves and that includes butterflies and ladybugs! We did that with sea monkeys when we were kids! That's still my favorite all time kid's "toy"!

  11. me me me me me ok u get the picture right

  12. don't put me in the drawing because Charlie is too young, but what a fun project to do with your kids!

  13. Looks like alot of fun for the kids! I would love to enter into your giveaway!

  14. His FAVORITE book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

    Today we went to the museum for the first time I debated about going into the Butterfly Pavilion with Austin, but decided against it. I figured he would probably do exactly what Sabrina did. OMG! Butterfly therapy...I love it!!

  15. Looks like a great time. I did one of these with my class about 8 years ago and we had a great time watching and keeping scientific journals. So much fun! Our local butterfly place had the roof collapse last week, so I guess we won't be taking any trips there!

  16. Wow! You took some great pictures! Little Dude & the neighborhood kiddos would love this! Thanks for another great giveaway!!

  17. I loved those things when I was a kid.
    I bet my class would have a ball with them

  18. That is a really cool butterfly ranch!
    Nichole would absolutely go nuts over one of those. Of course, spending a lot of time looking at them after she goes to bed when she should be sleeping, but who cares?!!!
    She would be really jazzed to have her own pets.

  19. Wow, that's a lovely idea for school. I'm gonna ask the director about it when they go back at the end of the month.
    (note I am saying school, not home!)


  20. Oooooh, oooh (jumping up and down) pick me, pick me! My boys would love it!!!

  21. Wow. That is such a great product. I love the mesh that allows the kids to look in so easily! Great timed pics of the process too - you might have primary school science teachers stalking your site!

  22. Ellen, this looks so fun! Great pictures showing the process :)

    *putting my name in the bucket!*

  23. This looks like so much fun! My 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter would love this :)


  24. My daughter would be so thrilled with this wonderful prize! Thanks so very much!


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