Monday, June 8, 2009

The wow list: How has your child impressed you recently?

I'm headed back from my college reunion, will tell you about that tomorrow. In case you're wondering, I didn't get arrested or anything for bad behavior on campus, although Sabrina did. Meanwhile, thought I'd take a minute to celebrate—who else?—Max. And your kids!

Things Max recently did that wowed me:

• Held a Rice Krispies treat in the shape of Mickey Mouse and ate the whole darn thing. Cavities? Who cares! He grasped the stick for about 15 minutes; for a kid who has such challenges holding things, that was pretty amazing. I need to figure out other ways to use his sweet tooth to his advantage, methinks.
• Went for a haircut and didn't wig out, not one bit. Seemed excited, even.
• Said the words "pink lemonade" (that sweet tooth again)!
• Ran a base (I can't tell you how many times I've watched that video)
• Typed his name on a computer screen.

OK, your turn to boast about your kids!


  1. It sounds like Max has quite the sweet tooth! I agree that you should use it to your advantage. I know a mom of a stroke survivor who taught her son to crawl by dangling fries in front of him. Hey, it worked!
    Anyway, I'm really proud of Daniel's reading. He read aloud a whole book about Star Wars all by himself recently - not bad for four years old. I'm also proud that for the past few therapy appointments, I've only gotten good reports from his therapist. Daniel has had a lot of trouble staying on task during therapy in the past, so that's a big accomplishment for him.

  2. There is no way we can even compare to Max...tears of joy (I am seriously hormonal...I really am crying) for Max. The kid amazes me! I knew with time and your determination these things would happen!

  3. Kendall has started pulling her glasses off and waving them in the air! She smiles when we catch her.

    So now, when we have to answer the question strangers always ask "how on earth does she keep those glasses on?" We can proudly say, "Yeah, its pretty difficult!"

    Point is...she's using her hands.

  4. Max is so awesome.

    Emmett likes pretzel rods (and they're great for his hand issues) but if Max has a sweet tooth, maybe dipping then in chocolate will them more tempting? Dipping is good for dexterity, too.

    Emmett said "butterfly" the other day. It sounded like "uff-fly" but it got his point across. I nearly died from the cuteness.

  5. First of all - yay for Max!! Ahh...the sweet tooth - great motivation and a bit of whatever works.

    I'll take any opportunity to boast about Bennett. The biggest thing lately has been him pedaling a tricyle all by himself! He also managed to hold and eat an ice cream cone. Both big accomplishments for my guy!

  6. My youngest is a freaking genius--he can read really well and he's always performing above his age level (which is a compensation for his physical challenges). My oldest is developmentally delayed, but he's very, well, lithe--coordinated, with good hand-eye reflexes.

    They help each other out, I think--they try to compete with one another and it pulls them both forward.

    Recently, my oldest read a story (and he didn't memorize it, it was a new book) that I never believed he'd ever be able to get through. Honestly, when he was a baby I thought he'd never learn to read (because that's what those experts told me).

    Yesterday the baby kicked the red ball all around the perimeter of the yard without missing a beat. It's a big yard, too and he went the whole way around. I never thought he'd be able to walk without support once upon a time. Kicking a ball? Using alternate feet? Who'd ever think?

    Funny how they can do more than the experts think.

  7. What a great idea, and congratulations to Max!

    Regan is really starting to get the hang of swimming, and coming up for breaths. Now it is hardly coordinated, and I still follow her around to make sure she remembers.....but it is amazing the difference already between this summer and last.

  8. Yay, Max!

    Can I brag about one of my former students? This experience left me shaking!

    When he came to me (4yrs ago) he barely spoke. His sentences contained 2 maybe 3 words IF we were lucky. But usually it was a struggle even to get a look of recognition. He also never initiated conversation or asked questions.

    WELL.... I'm at a new school this year, and haven't seen J since August. But, when I attended the school play a few weeks ago, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and turned to see J standing there. He said:

    "Miss O, is that you? You came to see me in the play? I miss you."

    3 SENTENCES! And not only that, he addressed me without prompting, made a connection to why I was there, asked me a question, AND expressed a feeling!

    I had to excuse myself and go upstairs for a little after that. I didn't want to cry in front of the kids! And I had to share my excitement with his parents!

    Congratulations to all your amazing kids on their accomplishments! How exciting!

  9. sounds like some great accomplishments for Max i love the sweet tooth. You have motivated me to write a post on my daughters wow list. I'll just have to find some time. I like your blog.

  10. Hooray for Max! All very impressive accomplishments!

    Here's what's wowed us lately: Kasia has FINALLY begun to say her name correctly - "Kash-a" instead of the inexplicable "Shy-a". to our ears!!

  11. Way to go Max! He is so adorable, I'm just smitten. My boast would have to be that Ethan is learning to pedal his trike.

  12. I am SUPER impressed with all the great stuff Max is doing. I, too, have watched him run the bases several times. Can't help it!

    I'm happy to brag about Gavin. I don't even need words. Watch this:

  13. Kate, Gavin crawling is a BEAUTIFUL sight to see. It made me tear up.

    All of our kids are doing incredible things! I'm thrilled when Max makes progress, of course, but it's equally heartening to read about other kids' proving the doctors wrong, as you said, Felicia.

    Sarah, you're a sweetie but I can't take all the credit! I help, but it's Max's teachers, his therapists and Max's own determination that keep him moving right along.

    We should do this more often! Who needs therapy? We all give each other hope.

  14. Hmm that treat on a stick idea sounds like a great idea. We have been working on a bit of constraint therapy at home and I need activities that will make him want to use his left hand.

  15. A wow list is a good idea. I need to make one for all my kids, but just this Saturday, Cici wowed everyone by smiling for the first time since her accident 7.5 months ago. How long we have waited! And, we got it on camera over on our blog! I'm so wowed. I hope, like you, that this is the first of many wows.

  16. I have

    Learned my part for a musical in 3 days
    Been part of a human sculpture
    Read a blog about a kid with cerebral palsy (because I know what it's like)
    Admitted that I have PDD-NOS on the Internet
    Fed a praying mantis, fish, dog, and snail that all live under the same roof.
    Sung the periodic table song
    Commented anonomously on a blog
    Worn a tank top from Forever 21
    Listened to gospel music and liked it


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