Monday, June 15, 2009

Can we talk?

This week's contest over at I Heart Faces is sepia toned, once again I couldn't resist an entry. Here's my little blabbermouth, Sabrina, mid-sentence. She asks a million questions every day. She makes a million observations. She provides running commentary on our lives, every second she is awake. She's been known to occasionally murmur in her sleep.

Nothing escapes her attention. Sample recent conversation:

Me: "I'm going out later, I have to go to the dentist."
Sabrina: "The same dentist Max and me went to?"
Me: "Yes."
Sabrina: "Will you get a Tinkerbell sticker, too?"
Me: "They don't give stickers to grownups."
Sabrina: "Will you get a new toothbrush?"
Me: "Yes!"
Sabrina: "Your teeth are yellow."
Me: [Silence]

I adore her patter, no matter what she is saying, both because it's usually amusing and because it's miraculous to hear her speech developing, given the significant challenges her big brother faces. I think she's been a major influence in getting Max to say more words, including key ones such as "ice-cream" and "doo doo." It's no coincidence that when we were on the Disney Cruise, the kids club gave her the "Best Big Sister" award, even though she is really the little sister.

Sabrina helps Max in all sorts of ways. Tonight, the kids were drinking water and Sabrina taught Max to blow bubbles into his cup. That may not seem like a big deal—um, actually, that may seem like something you do not want your kids to learn to do—but Max has issues breathing out (something that is critical to master for speech), and so that was great to see. When she said "Blow!", Max repeated "Woah!" He's still working on those consonants.

Talk, Sabrina. Talk.


  1. Love the picture and love sepia! I do most of my photos in that tone. I just love the antique / historical tone they give to everything.

    As for your convo, I've had similar ones. But I've proclaimed that mine aren't yellow. Poor child will grow up completely diluted to what shade is actually yellow. LOL. My 2 year old's language and development gives us the same feelings you speak of... allows us to notice the same things, makes us realize the work that needs to be done!

  2. I heart that picture of Sabrina.
    I heart that she helps her big brother.
    I heart the whole sibling thing.
    I totally heart (and understand!) the bubbles in the cup.
    I heart this blog...and you!

  3. What a great picture. And how great that Sabrina is helping her big brother!

  4. This is such a oerfect shot! I love it, Ellen.

  5. she is a beautiful little girl.

  6. I understand how you feel about seeing speech develop and being amazed by it. Having two sons that are communication disordered, I still find myself sometimes listening to very young children and thinking "wow" as I hear them speak. How can it be that easy????

  7. I agree that Sabrina has definitely had a positive influence on Max in many ways. I also agree that nothing escapes her - it is all stored in that adorable, beautiful head of hers. Her latest question to me is "when is your baby coming out"? I have a feeling that it is not the end of the baby-related questions and if she asks me the "big" question of "how did the baby get into your belly", my answer will be "go ask your Mommy"!!!!

  8. Great your daughters hair.

    I just spent an hour reading your blog instead of cleaning my house while my youngest sleeps. You are an amazing mom with an amazing heart. Thank you for sharing your life with the world. You inspire!

  9. my mom said the main reasson for me to have siblings close to my age is so that i have a good role models love this story t

  10. She is beautiful. I love this post. The fact that she taught Max to blow bubbles in his cup, brings a huge smile to my face. She is a good sister!


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