Friday, June 12, 2009

A word from a seventh-grader with cerebral palsy

Happy Friday! I have a guest post today from Christine over at The Power of Housewife Word of Mouth. She's mom to Regan, 13, a very cool seventh grader who has cerebral palsy. Christine did a q&a with her daughter, I'm sure you'll find it as inspirational as I did.

Christine: In your own words, how does cerebral palsy affect you?
Regan: It is cool and scary at the same time. Cool because it sets me apart from other kids and scary because I just don't know what the future has for me.

Christine: What is your favorite part of having CP?
Regan: Camp definitely. It is my favorite place in the world. I go to three of them and I want to go to more.

Christine: How is your life different from other teens?
Regan: It really isn't that much different. It is sometimes because I can't play all the sports like softball because of my walker. But I do other things like track, cheerleading, tap and ballet.

Christine: When is it cool to have CP?
Regan: Well, I kind of get special attention and treatment and stuff. Like at the cheer competition when a stranger bought me stuff just for cheering with CP. And at Disney and Fiesta Texas they let us cut all the lines, and ride the rides two times. On the Disney Cruise I got to be a pin trader with the crew.

Chrisinte: Do you like sharing with others about your disability?
Regan: It doesn't come up much, but I am not shy about it.

Christine: Is there anything scary about the future?
Regan: I just don't know if I'll ever get married or have kids because I don't think I can do all the stuff I would need to do.

Christine: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Regan: I would like to teach ballet to disabled children, I would like to be a web designer and have my own site, I would love to work at summer camps for the disabled andI also love to travel a lot and want to see the world.

Christine: Do you have any bad habits?
Regan: I crack my knuckles, and I really need to stop that. I am bad about finishing my homework on time. [Looking Sheepish] and ummmmmm, I'm also good at acting helpless around people who don't know me very well so they can do stuff for me.

Christine: What are your good points?
Regan: I am really friendly and make friends easily. I am a great cuddler and really affectionate, and I am nice to almost everyone.

Christine: Why almost everyone?
Regan: Ummmm, sometimes I am not real nice to Rebecca [sister, age 10].

Christine: How do you feel about being a big sister?
Regan: It is hard because Rebecca is kind of a second mom so I don't take care of her as much as she takes care of me. But, I do let her sleep with me when she wants to or is scared. Even if she is a cover stealer.



  1. Even if she is a cover stealer!!

    That's just an adorable interview!

  2. Just wanted to let Regan know that I have a cousin with pretty bad CP (is able to walk, but should have the assist of a walker per her doctor) and she is married and her son will be 1 next month!

  3. Regan should know that there is organizzed sports for athletes with cerebral palsy offered by sports clubs throughtout the country, including those that are a part of the US Olympic Committee's Paralympic Division.

  4. She is so fun! I think it's great that she not only accepts her CP but knows how to use it to her advantage (and admit to it!)! Regan seems to have a really good outlook on life. Go, girl!

  5. Ellen, Thanks so much for sharing Regan's Interview. She is having me keep an eye on the comments since they are all about her. LOL

    Sarah: That is good to know. Thanks for helping Regan see a little brighter future.

    Anon: Her Track is through Special Olympics....but since we live in a rural community it is difficult to get involved in the big activities that I know are available. That is why we have designed our own programs of tap ballet and cheer just for Regan, and of course she is swimming all summer.

    Mel: She really is fun...and not just saying that because I am her mom. We have taught her that CP is her gift/talent from God and she should treat it that way. Not everyone gets to have such a special gift.

  6. "I'm also good at acting helpless around people who don't know me very well so they can do stuff for me."

    Guilty as charged as well.

  7. This is great. I totally agree that the camps are awesome. The camp I attended was life-changing.

    Sarah H: Thanks for what you wrote as well. It's good to have hope for a happy and bright future :)

  8. nice job I enjoy reading their blogs as well. Do u think u be willing to trade a real bear?

  9. Regan, just wanted to say, you rock! Look at how many people you've inspired.

  10. Hi I have CP too. If you want please check out my blogs and subscribe.

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