Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sabrina sees her first movie, Up

Yesterday, I had the day off from work. I accomplished my goal, sleeping late (I know, I have such lofty ambitions). Dave took the afternoon off, and the three of us went to see Up.

I would have loved to bring Max, except last month Dave took the kids to see Earth and Max literally ran screeching from the theater. He's into TV and DVDs, but anything on a giant screen is sensory overload.

So, it was just the three of us. Up is about an elderly widower/balloon salesman who hitches helium balloons to his home and takes a trip to South America, along with an unexpected 8-year-old stowaway. It's available in 3D, but not at the theater we were at.

Sabrina was mildly excited, most of all when Dave bought her a hot dog. Sitting in a theater for two hours is a lot to ask of a four-year-old (although if the movie had involved princesses, I'll bet she would have been fine). Plus, the movie is kind of involved for a little kid, especially in the second half. Me, I loved every single second. Pixar films—Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo—are among my favorites. This one, I think, is the funniest of them all, and beautifully done.

When we got home, Max was in speech therapy. After the therapist left, we broke out the bubbles and the four of us enjoyed the rest of the afternoon together.

It was a Good Day.


  1. You cut your cloth according to the measure!! And you had a great day! How wonderful! And Sabrina got a special moment with Mom AND Dad! Talk about a win-win!

    My oldest can't do movies, either--his problem is an inability to use that "indoor voice," plus he's a fidgeter in a big way (to the point that no one would have any fun). The rare time I go to a film with one of the kids, it's the baby!

    Usually we rent the DVD and go to my parents' house. That seems to work out best (more affordable too, with the price of movie tickets lately!).

    I love those PIXAR movies too--animation has sure come a long way since Saturday Morning cartoons!

    Any word yet on the Duke University thing? I guess it's probably too soon yet, but I'm still very excited for you about that.

  2. I've tried taking my son to movies a couple of times. We've been to see Wally, Horton hears a Who and such. Every time he would sit still until his small portion of sweet popcorn ran out, then turn restless. The other day it was raining and we didn't have anything to do so I thought, hey let's try movies. We showed up without having checked what was playing and realised that the only version originale film was the Night at the Museum 2. It's normally rated 6+ but we gave it a go... my son's 4. He was glued to his seat until the very end! Finally. Not that I'm attempting to turn him into a couch potato or anything ;o)

  3. Sorry, I guess the "version originale" sounded bizarre... Over here kids' films are dubbed in either German or French, except the occasional "VO" undubbed fim.

  4. Sleeping late is a wonderful luxury. Glad you enjoyed it. We went to see "Up" last night too and it was Jake's first movie. He didn't last long. Too loud and too big I guess. I cried at a few points in the movie.

  5. I read that Up had sad undertones. We'll rent it eventually, I suppose.
    You mean you didn't fall asleep? That theater makes me soooo tired!!!

  6. Hi! Felicia, I'll write an update on stem-cell therapy for Monday, no major progress just yet.

    Cindi and Debbie, I cried, too. The movie does have a sad premise, one last fling in life by a feisty old guy. But mostly, I laughed.

  7. Daniel is the same way. I would love to take him to a theater but I know from sensory issues that it wouldn't go over well. Heck certain things come on the TV and he will flip out (floating balloons, butterflies...anything flying) but in real life he's fine with them. Its hard to understand but I am sure there is some logic to it for him.

    Glad you had a good day! :) we all need those sometimes!

  8. i saw up in 3D today, i LOVED it!

  9. We loved, loved, LOVED this movie. Jer and I went to see it by ourselves, thanks to our handy respite care worker.

    We've been to see a few movies with Connor-- he particularly loved Kung Fu Panda. We just try and go when there's almost no one else in the theater, as sometimes he gets a little excited and wants to add sound effects. We've never had anyone complain; if he gets too loud, Jer or I will take him out until he calms down.

    Gotta love Pixar movies, though. Aren't they great?



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