Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Morning Confessional

It's been awhile since I've done one of these—you know, because I've been so good. But I've got a few things to get off my chest:

* On Sunday, Max's diet consisted of: one jelly donut, one mini chocolate donut, chocolate ice-cream, one half of a pickle, apple juice, a baked potato with sour cream and one half of a jelly donut. This sounds like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, doesn't it?

* My diet wasn't that much better.

* This week I told the kids I couldn't find the Madagascar DVD because I couldn't bear to watch that damn movie one more time.

* Max has been saying "Daddy" for a while now. I've been happy about that...and jealous. When he finally came out with a really clear "Mommy" the other week, I was ecstatic.

* My sister's having a baby in September (a girl!); my good friend Lyla's baby (another girl!) is due soon after. Whenever I see either one of them, I desperately miss being pregnant. Is that strange? I loved pregnancy.

* I often eavesdrop when Sabrina has conversations with other kids because I am so continuously fascinated by her ability to talk.

* I still haven't gotten around to getting prints of our Disney cruise photos made for the kids. Ah, photo guilt.

* I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy.

Got anything you'd like to confess?

Update: A few months ago, I signed up to host a Best of the Mommy Bloggers carnival. Well, it's tomorrow! Send me a favorite post you've written in the last four weeks—zap it to I'll gather them and run them tomorrow. Bring 'em on!

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  1. That sounds like my kind of diet and i had to laugh at the "madagascar" hiding - i do the same but with charlie and lola.

  2. Um, can you say summer camp?! Can I tell you how excited I am that both boys will be there? Jonathan from 8-4, Jacob from 8-12? Did I tell you how excited I am? For the next 3 weeks...Monday thru Friday. I wish it was until August...

    My brothers kids make me crazy...and not in a good way. They are here visiting for 3 weeks, and I am ready to have them go home now. But we still have 2 more weeks...thank goodness they are staying at my mothers house. They do nothing but whine (my youngest neice seriously whines for EVERYTHING...not sure she has a normal voice) fight and can be quite rude. I knew my brother and I parented differently, but I didn't think it was THAT different.

    I love the fact that my whiney niece looks exactly like me. I wish she was mine...then she wouldn't be so whiney.

    I could go on and on Ellen...

  3. Daniel's diet was horrible yesterday, too! A chocolate donut with his breakfast, chocolate milk with a candy - covered sundae for lunch (and NOTHING else!), and ice cream cake after dinner. In my defense, the sugary lunch was due to the fact that it was my nephew's birthday and my niece's is in a few days, so we took them out to spoil them. Oh, did I forget the mountain of cupcakes he ate on Saturday night Hubby's cousin's wedding? Oops.
    I was a bit curt at said wedding with a woman whom I've never met because she apparently heard about Daniel's stroke from one of his aunts. She brought it upon herself to come out on the dance floor where Daniel was dancing his little heart out and ask me if I thought it was a good idea for him to be "in that kind of environment," whatever that means. Scratch that - I was a little more than curt. Oh, and there is just no excuse for the dancing our family did at the wedding. I'd like to be able to blame it on alcohol, but alas, I don't drink. Luckily for us, it was all caught on camera.
    Finally, I have to second Sarah - my three - year - old nephew has been driving me insane. I love him to death, but he is a brat with a capital B. He throws fits and gets away with it all the time. Earlier this week, Daniel came home from Grammy's house with multiple (about 20) deep red pinch marks all over his arms. He apparently looked at his cousin the wrong way, causing a huge fiasco. Daniel also told me that when he was lying on the floor, his cousin came up and stomped on his chest. When I asked why he didn't fight back, he said because he's older, bigger, and knows that hitting is wrong. That made me both proud and furious that my kid is expected to follow the rules when a child who is old enough to know better has no boundaries. Seriously, I've never heard a child scream and lash out over every blessed thing - he even threw a violent fit over, of all things, not wanting to eat any birthday cake. He can be sweet, but he's mostly a nonstop screaming, hitting, kicking, dare I say it, miniature bully. At the same time, I feel guilty for feeling that way because I do love him and I probably won't get to see him again until next year.

  4. love those diet days....I am like you and loved being pregnant! That is awesome that Max is saying Mommy(and Daddy)!

    I have to confess I get jealous over how well some of my friends kids talk...Having 2 children with special needs that impacts their communication...sometimes I wish they could hold a great, funny, interesting conversation with me or other kids!

  5. I love listening to Noah talk.
    I haven't printed pictures since AUGUST. Yeah. Mother of the Year. It's on The List now.
    And I so loved being pregnant. It was a time when I actually didn't feel fat or really worry too much about my weight. And the movements. I do not miss the hemorrhoids or the pain of stretch marks upon top of stretch marks or the insomnia.

  6. Don't have any guilt about anything - you are doing the best you can and you are doing a great job!!! I don't think I like being pregnant as much as you did, but I keep thinking of what the end result will be, and I can only hope that my little girl is as great as Sabrina. I am also happy to be giving Max and Sabrina a cousin. My husband also reminded me yesterday (when I was complaining about being nauseous) that I should be thankful that I was able to get pregnant - there are a lot of women out there who would love to be in my shoes. So, I will carry on and continue to feel like a slow-moving blob and dealing with the nausea, heartburn etc. and keep the bigger picture in mind.

  7. I was very saddened & super jealous of my best friend this weekend. She just had a beautiful baby girl with the perfect pregnancy last August. The Baby is not even a year old & yet she was bragging how she quit taking BC just to see what happens. She got pg first month last time. My heart hurt so bad cause I want to be able to throw caution to the wind & have a baby too. Then I felt guilty for "hatin" on my BFF.

  8. I love Max's diet on Sunday and am amazed that he didn't get a tummy ache :-) We all need a day off and it appears his gut agreed!

    Here is my confession for the day - Emma is still on pureed food, but is so interested in what we eat. However, when we go to give her anything, her oral defensiveness kicks in. Today I was having a bit of a *off* day for me and hit the vending machine for some chocolate after Emma's therapy. She kept eying up my Milky Way, so after a few attempts of almost opening her mouth and tasting, she finally did. She LOVED it! Just sucked on it enough to get some tastes of it and not choke. I can't wait to have a partner in crime to eat some candy with - I don't need the calories and Emma does, so it would be a sharing match made in heaven.


  9. I just found your blog and love it!
    I have two children with special needs, Savanah has severe autism, and Dallin has moderate autism, they are both non verbal, not potty trained, 6 & 8!
    Savanah will eat anything that isn't tied down and Dallin would live on cookies, toast, & crackers.
    I love your perspective and will continue to tune in!
    As far as other kids UGH that is hard, I have a nephew who is so far advanced for his age 7, and my bff has a 5 yr old that talks like she is 21!
    It has been very difficult at times to not compare and to get my kids involved with other kids.
    Other kids usually ask alot of questions, like "why is he slobbering?"
    "why is she spinning and humming"
    "why does she eat like that?"
    "why do they still wear diapers?"
    Makes it very hard for them to fit in in the "real world" but I am trying to raise them to be as confident in themselves as possible and I secretly cry in the bathroom when no one can hear me, lol
    Glad to find you,

  10. This is Joyce. Ok I'm not reading this until Monday NIGHT, but is there something wrong with Max's diet? Sounds pretty typical of my Matt everyday:) I love the idea of hiding the movie. I wonder how I could do that with Sarah's entire collection of 7th Heaven. I am desparately sick of that entire family.

    Well it seems everyone is complaining about their siblings kids. No complaints here, I'm an only child and my husband has three sisters, all over the age of reproduction, who have decided to focus on dogs. So my kids have no cousins - none -not a one. Makes for pretty boring family events. They do have two second cousins who have been wonderful but they live in Miami so we only see them once a year.

    Well here is my confession of the day. I have been glued to the TV since Friday taking in everything about Michael Jackson. I did not even get dressed on Sunday I was so hooked. I even blew off two of Sarah's treatments. No wonder she can barely breathe. I'm sure I'll pay for it tonight because she is sounding really horrid right now, but the BET awards were amazing:)

  11. My confessional; Elizabeth has been to Tim Hortons for timbits everyday for the past couple of days. Don't worry about the pics I did not even develop our pics from 2 years ago or from this year.
    You can add my latest post to your Mommy bloggers if you want (it is titled Face Reality).

  12. I have to confess that I almost cried when I read that "My Name is Earl" is not coming back next season. It was one of my guilty pleasures.

    Your confession about the Madagascar DVD made me laugh. My daughter has a Jimmy Neutron DVD that she loves so much I will play it for her over and over and over, just to keep her happy. My husband is so sick of it he keeps threatening to hide it.

  13. OK, I am always late to the ball but damn, Ellen, I am so GLAD to see someone online ADMIT that some days their kids eat absolute crap and that's just how it goes! I have such an inferiority complex sometimes when I click around the internet and see how many perfect people there are who all cook like Martha Stewart with all the hoity toity organic food I've never even heard of and housekeep like her too! Some days, my little darlings want waffles and bacon for dinner and I give it to 'em! And no, they aren't the fancy waffles you make in one of those machines, there the kind that come in a box, frozen, from the market!!

    I have done the same damn thing with the movie, too, except with me, it's an off-the-air tape of Mister Rogers. Now, I just love Mister Rogers, bless his heart, but this tape is eight hours of shows and they'll sit and watch him all day if I let them (and his voice, rest his soul, gets annoying if you are trapped inside on a rainy day).

    This weekend I did lie and tell a friend of mine (a real Martha Stewart who kind of gives me the the put-down) that I HAD to work and couldn't go to her cook out. Then I called up a friend of mine and volunteered to swap shifts with her (she likes being home with her husband on the weekend). I just wasn't up to listening to my friend's BS about how much her new BBQ cost and how much her new car cost and how much their next vacation will cost--and they're about the only people I know who give my kids the stink-eye sometimes, too. Hell, I don't know why I even call them friends! I always feel bad when I'm around them!


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