Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to a mommy blogger carnival!

Step right up and try to knock down a mom blogger with a squirt gun!

Ha, ha, this isn't that type of carnival. This is a blogging event that happens every two weeks; the host blogger collects posts from other mom bloggers, the favorite ones they've written in the last four weeks (one apiece). Then she compiles them all into one handy post and, well, here we are! I first found out about the Best of The Mommy Bloggers carnival on A Modern Mother, and thought it would be an interesting thing to do.

As the saying goes, it's my carnival and I'll post if I want to (or something like that), so I'll start with my proudest moment in the last few weeks: A Bill of Rights For Parents of Kids With Special Needs. Now, onto all of you:

• Chloe over at Son Time Now: A Boys Toys Blog has lots of helpful ideas for getting rid of unwanted toys.
• I dare you not to relate to this sweet post about missing the sound of silence from Sam at Mum's the Boss.
• This rambling, rambunctious post by Laura at Wife of Bold has a moment of "I can't believe my child said that" you will never forget.
• Need ideas for toys to take on long trips? Victoria's got great ones!
• Kate writes honestly and movingly about her fears for her son's future.
• Sandy recalls loving memories of Elvis and Johnny Cash at Baby Baby.
Do you love what you do? That's the provocative question Antonia Chitty raises at Family Friendly Working.
• Carol at New Mummy gushes about her seven-month-old's accomplishments.
• Mom-to-be Lyla from Globetrotting Bride has absolutely adorable photos of her wedding rings perched on random outdoor objects—my favorite is them atop a cactus.
• And over at Elizabeth Ann, Angi has a powerful post about refusing to accept there is no cure for her daughter's physical disabilities.

Photo by Erica Dorian


  1. Hi Ellen,
    Well done on putting all this together, i've now found some great new blogs to read. Thanks for including me, i love my intro by the way, i'm off now to check all those posts OUT X

  2. Hi Ellen,
    Thanks for doing the hard work. I'm off to do some reading!
    Cheers, Chloe

  3. Thanks for putting this together and thanks for including my post.
    I've been reading through the carnival and some of the posts are so moving, especially your charter x

  4. Great idea, thanks for putting it all in one spot. One stop shopping kinda~~

  5. Great idea!! I love all these great posts!!! And if you wanna trade bellies over the next 4 months just let me know : )!

  6. Thanks for including my post.
    I now have some more blogs to read and what I like is that they do not all relate to disabilities, It will be a nice reprieve from my narrow mindedness of life raising a child with special needs.
    I do love your charter of rights and I have passed it on.

  7. Wow these are great Ellen I can'ty wait to expand my horizons some more, and BTW....I sent a local newspaper reporter to your site to read Regan's interview, and he loved it so much he conducted one of his own. Voila, today she is on the fronpage of the local paper, Thanks for everything!

    Oh and the details are in my latest post, LOL

  8. Thaks for putting to this together, off to do some reading...

  9. Thanks Ellen - I've enjoyed finding out about your blog.

  10. Thanks for putting it together and posting mine x


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