Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a difference a year makes

Max's school had a Concert in the Park event over the weekend. They had singers performing on a stage, ice-cream and cotton candy stands, clown face-painting, raffles and all sorts of fun stuff.

Last year, Max couldn't stand to be anywhere near the music, or even outdoors at all; he just wanted to stay inside, in the rooms he was familiar with.

This year, he was into everything.

He ate the cotton candy. Wait, even better, he held onto the cotton candy cone, no mean feat for him.

He not only listened to the music, he tried to be a backup singer.

He gave me a tour of the school and his favorite wheels.

He hung out with his teacher, Erin.

He hung out with the event mascot.

He generally had an awesome time.

But wait, there's more! Last week his school had a concert. Max has NEVER in his life participated in one. Again, this is a kid who hates noise and crowds. But they coaxed him onto stage and he stayed. Max was a lion; a teacher even crocheted a mask just for him.

Seeing Max living, and loving, life like this makes me the happiest girl in the world.

All of you moms with very young kids, take heart and take note: Trust me, you have no idea what your child may someday achieve.



  1. That lion's mask is just too cute on him! My son loves cotton candy too!

  2. Ellen, I do believe!

    Every day brings surprises--and lots of times, they're happy surprises.

    That's a great pic of Max in the lion outfit--he is a beautiful boy!

  3. Go Max! I'm glad he had such fun!

  4. Thank you Ellen -- such beautiful words and thoughts. I'm so glad you put them down for us Mom's with younger kids to read...we appreciate it!

    Max is AWESOME! The pic in the mask is priceless. That one should be blown up and put in the family portrait hallway for all time! xoxo

  5. I have chills, and tears in my eyes for the second day in a row after reading your post!

    Thank you for sharing Max's achievements. Your family is so inspiring to us!

    You are such a good mom!

  6. How fun, Ellen :) And way to go, Max!!

    Your closing paragraph made me tear up a bit. I won't lie, some days it is hard to be optimistic about what the future may bring... Such necessary advice that I will hold close to my heart.

    Thank You.

  7. This is one of the best post I'v read because its so true. I came to realize my sons did things, but at their pace. Having been born very premature, we never were on "the chart" anyway. One thing I also would say is its so great to have REAL friends all along the journey. Some before my sons were born and a lot of other mother's with special kids I've met because they REALLY know how far your child has come! Sometimes other people just don't get it. I actually met one neighbor right after our sons were born because he was a respitory therapist helping them. I see him regularly in my neighborhood and he REALLY knows how far they have come! I am new to this blog, but Ellen I just loved seeing your son today!

  8. how did max like the story of nick

  9. barbara from BostonJune 2, 2009 at 12:59 PM

    What an inspiring positive joyful post. Both of your kids are busy doing their things - growing changing finding their places in this crazy old universe. Its so nice to be able to glimpse their journeys. Thank you. And congratulations. And its wonderful to watch Max in particular enjoy himself and master his environment

  10. I love this!!!! Max gives us hope that Jude will walk, and such.

  11. Wonderful post, Ellen. And your last statement is so true. With the perspective of a mom to "kids" who are now adults, I say "amen."

  12. Thanks for the encouragement, Max. I hope I can be like you someday.

    ps...my Mommy says to tell you that you're so lucky to have such an amazing Mommy. :-)

  13. That is so amazing! It is good to know that there are older kids out there who are living it up. Gives me hope for when my daughter is Max's age.

    Why do I keep needing a tissue when I read your blog?

  14. Way to go Max. It sure looks like a fun time to me.
    The mask is adorable. He is just so cute with it on!

  15. Now that is the cutest lion I've ever seen! Max must be a very loved student at his school. His smiles are contagious, I think.
    Max never ceases to amaze me. The way he keeps powering along developmentally is really incredible.
    You're right that a year makes a huge difference. It's true for typically developing kids, but I think it's even more true for our kids. Thinking back to what Daniel was like a year ago, he's practically a whole different kid now.

  16. How awesome is that!! I love it. Way to go Max!

    I am hoping we see tons of growth in the next year for Daniel!! I love checking on Max...seeing that beautiful smile!!

  17. Ellen,
    What a simply beautiful, truly, heart felt post. I can only imagine the love of watching your child thrive despite his challenges. How your heart must sing!
    I wish so many more days like this... I truly, truly do... and yes, we must all believe. Because when we do, we can do anything... and what a beautiful example for your son.

    Barbara Techel
    Author & Proud Mom of Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

  18. Thanks, everyone, for the nice, encouraging words. Can you just feel my pride radiating from the screen? I hope ALL of our kids continue to amaze us.

  19. Wonderful post! Moments like this are what keeps us all going.
    Believe. That is said so well!

  20. Hooray for a happy, wonderful post! Makes me look forward to the future.

  21. Loved this post, Ellen. Beautifully said. Thanks for giving all of us moms a reason to believe.


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