Friday, June 26, 2009

Random things that did Max good this week

What a strange day yesterday—first poor Farrah, then Michael Jackson. I grew up listening to his music, and have felt sad about his death. I feel awful for his three kids, too. (Though maybe they can change their names now?)

Max has been having a great week. He goes to school year-round but he's on break now and has been having all sorts of fun. I discovered a few new things this week that were helpful to him:

1. This book

Max has had a few of the "Snappy" series of pop-up books for years and still likes to look at them from time to time. The other night, we were reading Snappy Little Dinosaurs and he grabbed the book and started flapping the covers back and forth to make the pop-ups go up and down. Awesome use of his hands! Last year at this time, I don't think he could have done that.

2. This televangelist

Tuesday morning, I turned on the TV for Max to watch so I could take a shower (Sabrina was downstairs with Dave). The TV was tuned to a channel where "Changing Your World" was playing, with Creflo A. Dollar preaching to a crowd. (I'd never heard of the guy before, had to look him up.) I went to switch channels to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Nooooooooooo," said Max, and grabbed the remote. Max was fascinated by this guy, most likely because he is so amazingly animated. Max has watched "Changing Your World" every morning since. I figure this is a fine thing, maybe he'll pick up some words. Though I'll have to put my foot down if Max wants to send him money.

3. This hat

Our babysitter took Max to the local firehouse on Thursday morning, where Max got a grand tour and a "Fire Chief" hat. Max was beyond excited. As you know, he loves trucks, particularly fire engines. It reminded me that it's often the simple pleasures that kids enjoy most.

What made your child happy this week?


  1. Sounds like a good week! What made my kids happy....nice weather, fun in the water, and having a pizza party with friends!

    what made my son sad yesterday...seeing a school bus go by and not going to school :(

  2. Well my sons are older, but one was happy because he paid his $2.30 fine at school and got his report card released. I too feel bad for Michael Jackson's kids. Although I think I've felt bad for them a long time!! Believe it or not I was born in Gary, Indiana right after Michael, weird!

  3. would I be a downer if I said "nothing." Ok, I kid, but I'm still suffering with all the complaining over here.

    Things that made Charlie happy: vidoes, videos, videos,, and long naps.

  4. Her new AFO's with lady bugs embedded in the plastic.
    Doing bat activities, she is really into bats this week. She refused her meat at dinner stating she is a fruit bat and only eats fruit.
    Popsicles, Popsicles and more Popsicles.

  5. That's funny that Max likes the televangelist. My daughter's a cartoon junkie (Nickelodeon). The only other thing on T.V. that she'll tolerate is The Three Stooges and Pro Wrestling. Yeah, wrestling, which of course I hate but, whatever. She thinks it's hilarious. Strange sense of humor my kid's got.

    What's made her happy this week is that she's figured out how to disconnect her pulse-ox monitor to set off the bad-connection alarm. I was thrilled when I first realized that she was doing this on purpose just to get mom or dad to come running. I have to admit though that it's getting a little old now that she does it about a million times a day. Still, the fact that she has re-learned cause and effect is pretty exciting :)

  6. Pulling out the old wooden train set that he hadn't seen in months. He's been happy & busy for about 30 minutes! Yay!

  7. I tried putting a comment in here twice but my dialup is squirrely so it didn't "take" I guess.

    My kids have gotten into fishing with Grampa. They love it, they behave, and they get some Manly Man time with their Manly Man Grampa. We've had fish twice this week, too!

    The televangelist tale is too funny. The guy must be a good salesman, because he managed to convince Max to "lock on" and pay attention!

    My kids sometimes like to watch Paula Dean, because she's always going on and on about how yummy her food is and licking the spoon and telling them how delicious everything is and ooohing and ahhing. And then, of course, they want me to make whatever Paula made on the TV (dream on, have a cookie made special for you from the Keebler elves, kids!).

  8. Sorry I haven't been dropping in lately!! ;-(. Just been catching up on posts and it sounds like a lot of great things have been going on since you got back from your hols (not including your begonias of course!).

    BC tried to take himself to the toilet this week. Turned out that he DIDN'T quite make it, but he gave it a darn good try and very nearly made it. Which is good enough for me!

    And he did the vacuuming yesterday (next I will be teaching him to do the dishes).....

  9. Loved your list! Izzy was happy to get a new olivia the pig quilt in the mail...


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