Saturday, June 27, 2009

Helping other kids understand your child

An old friend from high school told me about this video, "Take A Walk In Someone Else's Shoes." It's a sweet song about teaching kids acceptance. Her friend Marlowe is one of the moms in the Swingset Mamas; her daughter has autism.

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  1. No to degrade efforts of the film makers here but... I find this video kind of pointless, unless YOU the parent explain to your child what the video is about... Other then repeating lyrics a half dozen times, I don't see this video benefitting or explaining special needs kids or issues to other kids. - In other words, it's not very "stand alone"...

    Analytical as I am, I'd much rather see another child helping a disabled child, for example. *sigh* No offense!!!

  2. Rich, you're right, this is a video young kids should watch with parents. That's true of a lot of things kids can watch—they're much better when parents give them context.


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