Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's your idea of weekend fun?

We were at a zoo we'd never been to a couple of weekends ago, and came upon these two. I wanted to stand there and quietly observe them, except Sabrina kept screeching things like "MOOOOOOOOOOMMY, why aren't they wearing any clothes?" and "MOOOOOOOOOMMY, look at that POOP!" and "MOOOOOOOOOOMMY, she has your hair!" (I kid you not and, no, I do not have a badly-permed shock of gray hair though maybe mine does get a teensy bit frizzy at times). And Max just wanted out of the chimp house, so I couldn't linger.

We don't have set plans for this weekend, other than taking Sabrina to a birthday party, but I'm leaning toward hitting our local zoo. It's something we all enjoy. What I probably will not be doing is sorting the toys in the kids' playroom and putting away the ones they have outgrown, a task I have successfully procrastinated doing for months now. I keep wishing the kids would do it (HA!) or that Dave will (HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!).

And what will you be doing this weekend?


  1. Hey, thanks for askin' :-)
    I'm excited for two things this weekend. Saturday morning a neighbor friend and I are having breakfast. She asked me to go after she heard about my Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis. She is a very upbeat, very positive young Mom of three who happens to have M.S. I'm sure there will be a pep talk - which I welcome!
    AND...Ed and I are taking the boys shopping for their Easter duds!! That should be fun!

    Have a great weekend, Ellen!

  2. I can't wait for this weekend. 1st I'm hoping for some nicer weather so i can take Daniel out on his bike he got last summer. 2nd - finishing up sewing some party crowns. 3rd - making a purse (out of duct tape!) and sewing new curtains for the bedroom. And hopefully making some Easter crafts with the little one! Hubby always says weekends are for relaxing......not making minute by minute plans...but I have to to make sure I get everything done I want to do!! Have a fun weekend yourself!!

  3. "Looking forward" to round two of disinfecting toys due to a recent pinworm attack, which by the way we do seem to have conquered. Then off for Easter break, wohoo!

  4. Now that sounds like fun! The zoo!!

    I am working this weekend, and glad to have the hours and the cash! My momma and daddy will probably take the boys to a matinee movie and maybe to the playground, and then they'll "help" grampa work on the truck--it usually takes twice as long that way, but they have fun and they actually learn something, sometimes.

    You have a wonderful weekend, now!

  5. so cute :) my idea is lying on my sofa and watching Office reruns and talking on the phone and reading magazines all at the same time :)

  6. Well my idea of a great weekend would not be this weekend when Nascar is in town...ha ha ha. I love the zoo too, and just spending time with the family. Being outdoors, fairs, flea markets, things like that.

  7. We love the zoo, too but I think this weekend will be devoted to yard work. I'm trying get geeked up for it.


    Obviously, I'm not there yet.

  8. Getting ready for Kasia's 4th birthday party!

  9. We're supposed to get snowed in (it's only 7am and it's really coming down!) so I think it's a day to play House of Windsor.

    I'm going to lay around and let my minions wait on me hand and foot. ;-)

    The Queen


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