Friday, April 24, 2009

1-800-Flowers giveaway! Who needs husbands?

Mother Nature Garden Tote

Usually, the only thing I have to give away on this blog is advice, blah-blah and gratuitous photos of my kids. (Once, I did offer up my mother-in-law, but oddly enough I didn't get any takers). Recently, though, a nice lady from 1-800-Flowers e-mailed me and offered to do a bouquet giveaway. Because we're all that fabulous.

Mother's Embrace

OK, so the company does have some new stuff it would like you to know about. It just launched The Spot A Mom movement, to celebrate the many varieties of moms out there. They also have a fun guide for figuring out which kind of flowers suit different moms' personalities.

Mother's Devotion

To enter to win, just leave a comment and be sure to mention which one of these four arrangements you covet (Aussies and Brits, jump in, they can send flowers pretty much anywhere). I'll randomly pick a winner, courtesy of, on Sunday at midnight and announce the winner on Monday. You'll get the bouquet on or before Mother's Day. And, if you'd like, I can ask if they'll sign the card "xoxoxo, Lorenzo" or something if you'd like to make the hubs a little jealous.

Sentimental Surprise


  1. Shoot off by a half size. Evan wears 8.5 with out a brace and 9.5 with one. I have been wanting to try those shoes since it is so hard to find decent inexpensive ones that fit over a brace.

  2. This has nothing to do with anything in this post :)
    I just wanted to drop by and tell you how wonderful it is having you pop by and leave your words of support.
    I am so lucky that you found me!

  3. Those are great shoes, wrong size for us though. Hope they find a home with someone, they sure are a godsend. Worth the money, too.

    I think Susan Boyle still looks real--she just looks a little updated. She reminds me of my cousin a little bit now!

  4. Just want to thank you for giving away your Hatchbacks. So thoughtful. So practical. Sure hope you get a taker.

  5. What an interesting article you linked to.

  6. I actually never even thought of buying regan special shoes for her AFO's we always find tennis shoes (right now she has converse all stars) that fit well over them. I suppose it is a really practical idea. You ahould see if the company is interested in a review and giveaway promotion.

  7. D wears Hatchback's, too! We put a pollywog in her non-DAFO shoe to help with the fit. When she outgrows them (both shoes and DAFO), we always donate them to her PT who donates them to some organization for impoverished countries.

    We recently started having D wear the Smart Knit socks and they are awesome! They don't get smelly, no lines, and they keep the top part of her DAFO from rubbing so hard on her leg.

    I just looked at the Hatchback site and I am in love with the new white Ava style for girls. I think Darsie will like them for school next year.

  8. I hadn't seen Susan's makeover--didn't even realize it was her!!

  9. Hi Ellen,
    I'm so impressed that Max doesn't completely wear out his shoes. Does he drag his foot at all? I wear my shoes out in NO TIME! And am always looking for stronger shoes, reinforced in the front without looking too bulky. I wish there was a way to buy only ONE new shoe and not two, for some kind of discounted price. My left ones are in good shape, but my right ones get worn all the way through. Anyway, i am definitely going to recommend Hatchbacks to some of my parents who are looking for good shoes to fit over their child's braces. Thanks!

  10. I hope someday you'll post a video of Max playing baseball!

  11. Hi,

    I always read your blog but this is the first time I have posted. If you still have the hatchback shoes could you please contact me at I am a little embarasssed but my son could really use them. I have always wanted to buy them but they are a little pricey. When I saw the size I just had to ask. Thanks

  12. Kathy, they're yours. Nothing to feel embarrassed about, if someone had offered to give me their kids' pair, I would have grabbed them. Passing them along is also the eco-right thing to do. Marianne, Max doesn't drag his feet, really—he's a pretty decent walker. Yes, these shoes are great. Julia, we will get Max on film playing baseball, we were just waiting for the bawling to pretty much end.

    I have had a tough night, will be posting about it soon.

  13. Ellen,
    Thanks so much! Those flowers are too beautiful, and getting a note from Fabio is going to make them all the better. :) I'm glad to hear that Max is enjoying his baseball and donuts.


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