Friday, April 10, 2009

C is for Celebrate

The most amazing thing has been happening: Max is recognizing letters. His occupational therapist at school wrote to tell me that she drew some letters on the ground with sidewalk chalk and Max clearly said a "C." This gives me hope, real hope, that he will be able to read. If this had happened years ago, I would have immediately called the OT and thrown a barrage of questions at her—do you think this means he'll be able to read? Have you worked with other kids like Max who took a long time to learn the alphabet but were eventually able to read? Back then, I desperately wanted someone to have a crystal ball. Now, I savor his progress and try not to read too much into it.

The speech is coming along, too. Consonants remain tough, but he has a pretty distinctive "Mommy's home!" that he says when I walk in through the door at night. Those have to be the two best words ever.

The kids are off on spring break next week, I'm not, though next month we are taking them on a Disney cruise. It's coming in handy for threats ("Pick up the toys or you're not going on the cruise!").

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring!


  1. F is for FLU!!!! I am suffering terribly, and it's a bummer because I have to take off work and I could use the money. Oh well, if it weren't for bad luck, and all that...

    That is the cutest picture of Sabrina--she is just so full of life, what a sweetheart.

    As for Max and reading, if he wants to do it, he will. My oldest boy is developmentally delayed, yet he reads very well despite his challenges because we, as a family, do a LOT of it. We go to the library every week and the boys pick out a few books, and we read one pretty much each night, taking our time with them. I think it's survival with him, because reading is something that we just do.

    I got the reading bug from my Momma--she always had her nose in a book. Children do love to do what their parents do, and I still have Momma's reading habit. I hope I pass it on well to the boys!

    That cruise sounds like so much fun. I'll bet the kids will have a blast!

  2. Yeah for the letter recognitions.....and Sabrina is adorable in that picture......

    Corey is on Spring Break next week too .....starting yesterday at 12....but I'm not......we're working today & Monday as well....but....remember when I was pouting about losing my job........I now am just so Thankful that I have a job I'm not letting it get me down.......

    The Disney Cruise sounds awesome.....I can't wait to hear all about it!

    Have a Great Friday!

  3. Yay! Great news! Progress, any progress, is reason to celebrate. We never know when it will come in the tiniest of increments or great big bursts but either way, hooray!

  4. That's so great to hear. So funny too...I still do that thing of the question barrage.

    "Have you worked with many kids like Amelia? Did they eventually ______?"

    Have a great vacation -- even if you're not off work. It's nice when things slow down and schedules aren't as pressing.

    And have a blast on the hoo for us tho. We'll miss you on the blog circuit while you're away.

  5. GO MAX GO!!!!!!!

    This is so exciting!!! I guess having an English degree probably makes me get a little overexcited about anything related to literacy, but oh well.

    I hope you have fun on your cruise!


  6. FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    And so great for the bribery thing you've got going on. Work it!

  7. A is for AWESOME! Yes Max, you are an awesome boy! I am so very proud of you and your letter recognition.
    Ellen, thanks so much for sharing - this really made my morning. I hope you all have a great time on your cruise!

  8. This is very cool.

    My daughter, who has genetic cerebral palsy in addition to severe brain damage from her birthmom's inutero alcohol exposure, began reading at age 9. The family she was with at the time was passionate about reading and one day, it all seemed to click. Now, at age 14, though she struggles some with comprehension, she is a phenomenal speller. She came in 4th place in her school's spelling bee last year.

    Every child has their own unique talents/gifts...special needs or not. I love discovering these with my children.

  9. Wow this is AMAZING news. How absolutely thrilling. I love days like that in the classroom - but I can't imagine the joy you feel as a mother seeing that kind of accomplishment. Great job, Max!

  10. That is SUCH GREAT NEWS!!! I hope I experience that with Gavin someday. I got very choked up when you said "Mommy's Home!" were the best two words ever. I'm quite sure they are.
    The picture of Sabrina is classic. That's a *blower upper* if I ever saw one. ;-)
    I can't believe I missed yesterday's post. I have two sick babies, unfortunately. That's the only reason I would miss your daily journal. I confess...I'm an addict. ;-)

  11. Great news!! Yay Max!

    I love the picture of Sabrina - too cute!!

  12. Ellen, that's wonderful!! Way to go, Max!!

    PS.. I love what you said about wanting a crystal ball. I am exactly that way with her therapists, and they are always so good about not saying definitely one way or the other. I truly hope as Alice gets older, I am not constantly looking to the future, but savoring the right now.

    Thanks, your family is an inspiration!

  13. Wow. I think all the news sounds good--talking, recognizing letters--all good.

    Two questions (because I'm annoying like that):

    When did Max start making what you recognize as words?

    Have you ever considered doing the "Teach your baby to read" program with the big red words?

  14. It will be so great if he learns to read--it will open up a whole new world for him!!

  15. Felicia, I hope you are better.

    Your responses are so sweet! I am so amazed by Max, too. By ALL our kids, and the progress they continue to make.

    Katie, you are not the least bit annoying, I love how your mind works. I'd say that Max first started saying anything recognizable between 3 and 4, his first word was "Hi." I think his brain was so focused on the physical—walking—that it couldn't get much going in the way of oral-motor. He did a quadriped (on all fours) crawl at 2, then he walked at 3.

    Words came very slowly after that, but he has about 30 or so now. Of course, I'd love more, but we are thrilled so far.

    I have not checked out "Teach your baby to read" but I will do so now! Max is having some success sight reading--he can recognize his name, he can recognize a few words from a reader at school. That's so promising, too.

    I was an avid reader as a kid, a nerd who went to the library every week and checked out 10 books at a time (and you'll just have to take my word that I am no longer a nerd now). :)

  16. Ha! Love it! I threaten my stepsons with the "If you don't do so and so, then no whatever it is they want". And they know I don't crack for nothing. Onto a serious note, my nephew is autistic and is beginning to make eye contact more and more frequently and is able to say certain syllables of letters. Every little bit a definitely a celebration! So glad that Max is having a celebration too! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  17. Way to go Max. Progress may be slow at times but it makes the achievement even bigger.
    Have fun on your cruise, I can't even imagine how much fun it would be. Put lots of pics on your blog.

  18. GO MAX!! That is so exciting!! And as far as the cruise - color me jealous. Aria keeps asking me after each commercial when WE are going on a cruise. I said when everyone can walk and use a toilet.

  19. Oh Sabrina! Can I squeeze her for being so darn cute? Man oh man, she's a doll!

    Hoorah for Max! That's fantabulous news! I bet hearing him talk is the best ear candy ever! I long to hear Logan's first word. Unfortunately, we have nothing. Not giving up the hope of someday...


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