Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love it when Max plays alone

Lately, Max is most happy behind the wheel, driving his imaginary car all around our first floor and wearing this Thomas cap from an old Halloween costume. We found the wheel in our backyard once the snow melted, I think it fell off some outdoor mobile we stored away. It's his new most favorite toy ever. Sabrina, meanwhile, just wants to play with Dave's iPhone. She thinks it's hers. Oh, and by the way, she's now using the "You're not going to go on the Disney cruise" empty threat against me. I told her to quit picking her nose the other day and she said, "That's rude! You're going to stay home all by yourself when we go on the Disney boat!" I actually thought letting Dave take the kids alone wouldn't be such a bad idea.

It thrills me that the kids are able to entertain themselves. Especially Max. For many years, I had to encourage him to play—he never did his own thing. But now, he's got his dream car (it's a Porsche Boxster, I assume), he's got his real cars and trucks he likes to crash, he's got his musical instruments he likes to bang and sing along to. He's even turning on the iPod docking station by himself. Now, if I could just train him to record The Office on the DVR, that would be stellar, because I keep forgetting to do it.

Max is still dependent on us for basic needs like being fed and changed. It is beyond heartening to see this independent streak emerging. Not to mention, cute.


  1. Awww....so cute with the ambulance toy!!

    My boys tend to play together a lot, though sometimes they'll "retreat to their corners" like boxers and engross themselves in a project. I'll be honest, when they get going with the Legos and want me to guess what it is they've made, I'm at a loss half the time. Grandma is the smart one--she'll always come up with something silly and absurd like "It's a pink elephant!" and they'll tell her "No silly, it's a car/bear/dog" or whatever. And then she'll say "I knew that--I was only kidding you, now, wasn't I?"

    I think you're going to enjoy that getaway cruise, Ellen. It does sound like just the thing to perk up the spirits and rejuvenate/recharge the batteries!

  2. What great pictures of a great boy!! He is doing some amazing things, and, like I have said before, he definitely has his own mind and knows what he wants.

    I knew that the Disney threat would not last long with Sabrina!!!

  3. Barbara from BostonApril 14, 2009 at 4:22 PM

    Gee, Ellen you may need to get a hobby so you quit being rude to Sabrina! ;-)It would be much quieter at home than on the Disney cruise- maybe Sabrina could schedule you an alternative vacation. Good luck to Dave...
    Seriously you have 2 cute kids there. The pictures of Max were great
    Barbara from Boston

  4. He is so cute. Yeah Sean is still really needs the pushing to play by himself at times. It is cute and hard at the same time seeing them actually be big boys and play by themselves.

  5. What a cutie! I like the hat.


  6. Beginning independance is so nice!! Keep it up, Max! Oh, and until he gets the DVR down, hulu.com carries past episodes of the Office!

  7. Oh, I SOOOO hear you on this one.

    Independent play is right up there in my top ten wish list.

    At the mo, one of BC's favourite questions is 'Who is going to play with me??'. Sometimes he's alright doing his own thing, but I really look forward to the day when he's really sure it's OK to play on his own ;-).

    Great pics and lovely to hear that Max is doing so well.

  8. Man alive, Levi would be absolutely jealous of Max's hat! What a schweetheart he is!


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