Monday, April 27, 2020

Conversations on perma-replay at our house send patience and steak

Max is prone to repeating himself. Over the years, his phrases of choice have ranged from "I love spaghetti!" to "Is Daddy home yet?" to "I want to be a fireman!" to "I'm moving to Los Angeles!" It's his way of processing information and engaging with people and making sure we don't ever ever ever forget. Perseveration, it's called. As you can imagine, this has been A Thing during quarantine. These days, Max is very focused on anything Los-Angeles related and food because after all, he is a growing teen boy. And I am his homebound mom doing my best to make sure he feels heard but OMG. Here's how conversations have been going—and going, and going, and....

Max: "I am moving to Los Angeles!"
Me: "I hope you can move there someday, for sure."
Max: "You can come too!"
Me: "I like it here. I like fall and winter."
Max: "Ewwwwwww."

Max: "It's going to be 90 degrees in Los Angeles on Wednesday!"
Me: "That's awesome!"
Max: "Why do we live in New Jersey? It's disgusting here!"

Max: "I'm getting a big house in Los Angeles!"
Me: "Great! I'll be sure to visit."

Max: "Do you like the steak in Los Angeles?"
Me: "Yes, I did like it when we went out for steak!"
Max: "It's very good!"
Me: "Yes it is!"

Me: "Max, I made you mac 'n cheese for lunch!"
Max: "The mac 'n cheese in Los Angeles is very good!"
Me: "Yes, it is! I liked your favorite place, Joe's Cafe."
Max: "It's VERY good!"

Alexa: "Here's the weather in Los Angeles, California, for the next seven days—Monday, 82 degrees Fahrenheit and lots of sun; Tuesday, 89 degrees and lots of sun; Wednesday, 84 degrees and partly sunny weather; Thursday, 84 degrees and partly sunny weather; Friday, 81 degrees and mostly sunny weather; Saturday, 78 degrees and lots of sun; Sunday, 84 degrees and lots of sun.

Max: "What's for dinner tonight?"
Me: "I'm not sure yet."
Max: "Steak!"

Max: "I like burgers!"
Me: "I do, too."
Max: "Burgers in Los Angeles are very good!"
Me: "Yes they are! But they're good in New Jersey too, I think. Burgers pretty much taste good in any state."
Max: "They're better in Los Angeles!"

Max: "Daddy and me are going to Los Angeles next year!"
Me: "Yes, I truly hope you can visit there again, soon. Right now, people aren't going away on vacation because of the coronavirus."
Max: "I know. Next year!"

Max: "When I go to Los Angeles, I will visit Engine 28."
Me: "I know, that's your favorite station."
Max: "Yes! They're nice."
Me: "They were really nice guys."
Max: "Do they like steak?"
Me: "Probably!"
Max: "The steak in Los Angeles is very good!"

Me: "Max, did you like the tuna casserole I made?"
Max: "It's not steak."


  1. Well, he's right about that, lol

  2. It could be the best Tuna Casserole in the world, & it still wouldn't beat a good steak! Agree with Max on that one!

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