Thursday, February 9, 2017

That time my baby brother came to my basketball game

This guest post is by Sabrina. I only had to pay her $5. 

One of the best advantages of having a baby brother is that you get all the attention. I've been begging my mom to take him to a game and it happened yesterday! During the basketball game, a lot of people on my team kept giving me compliments about how cute he was. I was very flattered. He really is cute. I kiss him a lot every day.

Ben was making cute noises that sounded like "aaaaaaaaah!" Every time it was quiet in the gym, Ben was having his own conversation.

I was a little nervous because if you know my mom she takes videos of everything and it's a little embarrassing, but at the end I made a shot.

The thing that I was most excited for was after the game because then I could show the baby to everyone. Of course I wasn't shoving him in their faces, I was just walking around with him, but when he started making adorable noises I had to show people. I have been waiting for my mom to bring Ben, so I was really happy.

Daddy says Ben will be a football player because he's wide and knocks stuff down. I think he will be a basketball player because he is always chasing after something, like his toys.

I really love having Ben as my brother. Whether he's crying or laughing he always makes my day a whole lot better. Just the look of him makes me want to smoosh him up.


  1. Your daughter is so sweet!


  2. Great writing Sabrina! and Ellen "I only had to pay her $5" cracked me up.

  3. A lot of things run in your family, such as writing talent and cuteness!

  4. $5 is cheap for such a thoughtful post!!!

  5. I love your writing, Sabrina! Your baby brother is absolutely adorable, and I'm glad he had the opportunity to come to your game. Congratulations on making that basket and on this great piece of writing!

    I love the "I only had to pay her $5." I'm a writer, but most of the websites I've written for don't pay their contributors, so $5 sounds pretty sweet!


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