Wednesday, February 1, 2017

7 things one cute picture does and doesn't tell you

• I didn't purposefully match them, but now I think I have to do this more often.

• Max doesn't just dote on his brother, he has taken it upon himself to be his disciplinarian: He says "No, Benjamin!" when Ben sticks his fingers where the door hinges are or throws his food off the highchair tray.

• He gets so excited to show Ben how to play with toys. This weekend, he demonstrated how to stack rings (the ones on the shelf behind them).

• Ben continues to refer to Max and everything else as "Dis!" His second word: "Goguh." ("Yogurt.")

• That object in Ben's hands is the Apple TV remote. It is his favorite thing in the whole wide world. In the mornings, Max uses the remote to watch Disney World videos on YouTube. When Ben toddles over to grab it, Max holds it above his head so it's out of reach, and each time I am psyched to see him raising his arm that high. Baby brother therapy, for the win!

• It is rare to have a sighting of Ben with two socks on his feet. That is because he usually holds one in his hand and nibbles on it.

• I have wondered if Ben's development might bring me back to that painful time in Max's life, when the wasn'ts were all I could see: He wasn't walking, he wasn't babbling, he wasn't holding toys. Instead, what I see is Max's progress.


  1. I love this post. I love all the things that pictures don't tell (I wrote a really similar post just yesterday on my blog). Siblings have an amazing way of bring our the best skills in our special kids.


  2. I just love seeing the interaction between your boys (I am sure Sabrina is also an awesome big sister to both the boys). I can see how Ben has helped Max and I just love the joy Max brings to Ben. Their relationship is win win. It is gorgeous to watch from the other side of the world in Oz.


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