Thursday, February 4, 2016

A shopping cart for kids with disability, now at Target

Special needs parents everywhere have been psyched to hear that Caroline's Cart, a shopping cart with a large seat on the front for kids and adults with disability, is going to be in Target stores nationwide. And there are two great stories behind this.

The company's been testing the carts in stores since early 2015; starting March 19, the majority of Targets will have at least one Caroline's Cart, and some will have more. Says mom Brianne Fuller of Brighton, Michigan,  whose boy is pictured above, "It made our evening shopping trip a breeze...and my son LOVES it!"

The cart is named after the daughter of Drew Ann Long, who has Rett syndrome. When Caroline was seven years old, Ann realized she'd soon outgrow the typical shopping carts. Drew Ann designed the cart, applied for a patent and roped in pros to help it come to life. Today the cart can be found in supermarkets, shopping centers and malls around the country and in Canada.

Some more awesome: The idea to bring Caroline's Cart to Target came from a Target team member who has a child with special needs, and suggested it to Store Operations.  

Photo: Brianne Fuller


  1. I saw one at our Chicago suburb Target a few weeks ago. I don't have a child with special needs, but I support great friends who struggle with not having easy shopping options with their children. So happy to see Target get with it.

  2. I regularly shop at Target, so this is cool.

  3. I saw these shopping carts at my Target last month and think they're amazing. My daughter is still small enough to sit in the normal cart, and strong enough that she can, but I know we'll be getting great use out of these in a few years.


  4. We saw this at our local target too, it's great I have a friend who when they went used it and he loved it, he said it was really cool.

  5. Shopping cart is a great innovation for kids and adults with special needs. It sounds good that kids with special needs could enjoy shopping and adults with disability could do some kind of independent shopping. Shopping carts gave life to many who had dreams only within the four walls of their house.It seems like there are many supporting stuffs for the kids with special needs and they are going to change the world..Their dreams are going to be be true..


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